Quang Ninh  to almost complete the goal of 100% of households energized

It is expected that the project of power supply for residential areas (less than 20 households) that have not been connected to electricity will be completed before the Ky Hoi Lunar Tet, thereby, Quang Ninh will achieve the target of covering power supply for 100% of households in the province.

According to Mr. Nguyen Song Thao - Deputy Director of Quang Ninh Power Company, the project has been implemented for nearly 4 months with the goal of supplying power to the last 486 off-grid households, in remote and difficult terrain of residential areas in Mong Cai city, Hai Ha district, Dam Ha district, Binh Lieu district, Ba Che district, Tien Yen district, Hoanh Bo district and Dong Trieu town of Quang Ninh province.

The project is funded by 100% of the provincial budget with a total value at nearly VND 55 billion, assigned to Quang Ninh Power Company to be the investor. In which, 276 households will use power from the national grid and 210 households will be equipped with solar-cell systems.

Upon completion of the project, Quang Ninh also became the first province in the North to reach the goal of supplying power  to 100% of households, thereby improving the quality of people's lives, socio-economic development and making contributions to ensure security, politics, social safety and order.

Project Scale:

- 35kV line: 5.6km;

- 22kV line: 8.5km;

- Low voltage line 0.4kV: 23.2km;

- Construction of 11 substations:

   + Pole-mounted substation: 75kVA-35/0.4kV: 02 units;

   + Pole-mounted substation: 50kVA-35/0.4kV: 06 units;

   + Pole-mounted substation: 100kVA-22/0.4kV: 03 units;


  • 23/01/2019 10:53
  • evn.com.vn