Raising the capacity of Dong Hoa 220kV substation (Hai Phong city)

The 125MVA transformer at Dong Hoa 220kV substation was upgraded to 250MVA by Power Transmission Company No. 1 in order to enhance the power supply capacity for Hai Phong City. The project has already been commissioned and put into use.

Dong Hoa 220kV substation is currently operating two transformers of 250MVA capacity.

The project has a total investment cost of more than VND 55 billion, invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation. The capacity upgrading aims to meet the sharply growing electricity demand due to the economic development of Hai Phong city which during recent years has always made the substation operating at full capacity and even overloading.

During the construction period, despite being affected by prolonged heavy rains after the typhoon No. 4, relevant organizations maintained the quality, progress of the project and ensure the absolute safety for people, vehicles and equipment.

  • 05/09/2018 03:01
  • evn.com.vn