Release of nearly 40,000 fingerling fish into Ban Ve Hydropower reservoir

On 19 May, 2020, Power Generation Corporation 1, Ban Ve Hydropower Company in collaboration with People's Committee of Tuong Duong district, Nghe An province implemented a release of fingerling fish in 2020 into Ban Ve Hydropower reservoir.

Many varieties of fingerling are released into Ban Ve Hydropower reservoir

Nearly 40,000 fingerling fish were released into Ban Ve Hydropower reservoir. Mr. Ta Huu Hung - Director of Ban Ve Hydropower Company said that releasing fingerling fish was an annual activity of the unit, contributing to diversifying aquatic resources, regenerating hydropower reservoir environment. Thereby, it also increased sources of fishing, created more livelihoods, and contributed to stabilizing the life of local people.

The program also helps to raise public awareness about the role of hydropower reservoirs, thereby protecting hydropower reservoirs and properly exploiting and fishing to maintain and develop fish and shrimp sources, etc.

The Ban Ve Hydropower reservoir has more than 5,000 ha of water surface, which is a favorable condition for people to boost aquaculture.

  • 19/05/2020 05:02