Sedimentation Management for hydropower reservoir

It is the topic of the seminar organized by Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) in coordination with the Embassy of Austria in Vietnam, World Bank (WB) in Vietnam on 3rd – 4th June 2019 in Hanoi.

Energy specialist of WB sharing at the workshop

The workshop aims to provide technical solutions as well as international experience in  handling sedimentation issues for hydropower reservoirs, helping plants operate more efficiently, as well as solving environmental issues.

Speaking at the workshop, EVN Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai said: Currently, there are 36 hydropower plants in Vietnam (excluding small hydropower - PV), total capacity of 17,000MW, accounting for 35% of capacity of the entire system.

Reservoir sedimentation management is particularly concerned by EVN because it directly affects the operation of hydropower generating units and the lifespan of the project. The observing and monitoring work of sediment is implemented every year but the measurement and data collection work still face many difficulties, the accuracy is not high.

The workshop is an opportunity for EVN and other units to access information, technical solutions as well as learn international experience in reservoir sedimentation; thereby improving quality of this work in each plant.

Mr. Thomas Schuller Goetzburg - Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam said: The Austrian Government Trust Fund implementing through WB will provide technical assistance on this topic to EVN. This is an important project, which helps EVN gradually approach advanced experiences and techniques in the sediment management.

According to World Bank’s Energy Coordinator in Vietnam Mr. Franz Gerner, the hydropower sedimentation issue is very critical for Vietnam since our hydropower system is very large. Exchanging information and finding solutions for sustainable development of hydropower is of significance at the workshop, to support Vietnam to enhance the use of hydropower and reduce the use of fossil fuels.

At the workshop, WB experts presented the following issues: Sustainability of reservoirs and policy guidelines; Flow of sedimentation and observation; Forecast of speed and tendency of sedimentation; Policy on managing sedimentation; Optimal approach method for sediment management; Possibility of numerical and physical models in sediment management.

Some WB’s technical assistance projects for EVN in sedimentation management:

- Sedimentation management strategy (including regional scale management).

- Guidelines for sedimentation design and technical document volume introducing technical concepts related to sedimentation management, related methods and computational techniques.

- Training and building capacity for technical staff in the field of sedimentation.


  • 04/06/2019 05:25