Software solution of providing Electric Services by electronic transaction method  awarded the title of Sao Khue 2020

By meeting the following criteria: Good quality, creativity, utility, good application efficiency, advanced technology and high social efficiency; software solution of providing Electric Services by electronic transaction method by EVN Information and Communication Technology Company (EVNICT) has been voted as a new software product and awarded the title of Sao Khue 2020.

Currently, this solution has been applied consistently in all EVN's units in power trading activities in order to manage power trading contracts (PPA) and electric service files in electronic form via website. Customer Care (Customer Care)/Customer Care Application/Zalo Page.

The solution of providing store capacity and processing electronic transactions and contracts, electronic records and documents in a centralized model, ensuring performance, safety and security in providing functions on the mobile application technology platform, operating on the Internet environment to allow the operation, exploitation and use of the software  at any time, anywhere; allow flexible integration and does not depend on technology platform.

Digitizing records, "virtualizing" communication with customers

With the electronic transaction method, from the services of new power supply to the changes in the implementation of the PPA such as raising capacity, changing the norm of households, changing the purpose of electricity use, periodically hanging and dismounting the meters, etc., is performed on digital technology platform.

All stages are performed on the Internet environment. Customers use Internet-connected devices to provide record data, receive information and authenticate it. The signing of electronic records is carried out by the method of one-time password (OTP) or Certification Authority (CA) for enterprises.

Thanks to the promotion of online electricity services, during the peak period of COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of non-cash payment of electricity charge reached 81.96%. Since February 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic has not broken out until April 2020, the demand for electricity services received through the National Public Service Portal has increased by 8.2 times, the rate of online transactions via Internet increased by 4.5 times.

  • 26/05/2020 04:50