Technology solutions for modern power grids

It is the topic of a engineering workshop organized by Hyosung Heavy Industries Group (Korea) and EVN in Hanoi, on 12 November 2019.

The workshop was organized with the participation by experts from Hyosung Heavy Industry Group and representatives of specialized departments and units under EVN.

Speaking at the workshop, EVN Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai said, in order to meet the output growth rate of about 10%/ year, there is a great demand for investment in power source and grids as well as equipment for the electricity system in Vietnam. Currently, the installed capacity of the entire electricity system has reached about 50,000MW. Especially, in the past year, about 5,000MW of solar power capacity was connected to the electricity system.

With a great potential in wind and solar power, in the coming years, many projects for renewable energy power plant shall continue to be developed in Vietnam. Accordingly, to ensure a reliable and efficient electricity system, Vietnam shall need many technologies on energy storage and modern power system control, etc.

At the workshop, experts of Hyosung Heavy Industry Group have discussed with EVN on the following contents: Future energy trends with the participation by micro-grid and renewable energy; solar power and its operational difficulties; global transmission trends; technology to ensure reliability in grid operation, etc.

In particular, the workshop participants also spent a lot of time discussing on how to use electricity storage system (ESS) for renewable energy plants. Currently, in Korea, Hyosung has implemented the installation of ESSs with a total capacity of nearly 400MW to increase the operation efficiency of their renewable energy plants.

Mr. Young Chae Lee, Project Development Director - Hyosung Heavy Industry Group affirmed, Hyosung wishes to become a partner, who will always be ready to cooperate with EVN in sharing modern solutions and technologies to ensure a reliable and efficient electricity system in Vietnam.

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