Transmission tower erection for Nam Dinh I TPP - Thanh Hoa section of 500kV circuit 3 transmission line project basically completed

By the end of May 31, 2024, the erection of transmission towers for the transmission line section from Nam Dinh I Thermal Power Plant (TPP) to Thanh Hoa of 500kV circuit 3 transmission line project has basically been completed, meeting the schedule requested by the Prime Minister.

The 500kV transmission line from Nam Dinh I TPP to Thanh Hoa has a length of about 74.4 km, passing through 3 provinces Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa. This is one of four component projects of the 500kV circuit 3 transmission line project from Quang Trach (Quang Binh) to Pho Noi (Hung Yen). According to the Prime Minister's direction, the entire power transmission line must be completed in June 2024.

Once completed, the project will help reduce loads and avoid overloading of the existing 500kV transmission lines, ensuring the N-1 criterion. At the same time, it helps improve transmission stability reserves on the North-Central interface, combined with the 500kV transmission line sections of Quang Trach - Quynh Luu - Thanh Hoa, Nam Dinh I TPP - Pho Noi, contributing to adding capacity from power sources in the North Central region to the load centers in the Northern region.

Contractors implement wire stringing for first span of Nam Dinh I TPP - Thanh Hoa 500kV transmission line project in mid-May 2024

Nam Dinh I TPP - Thanh Hoa 500kV transmission line project has 180 tower foundation positions and 74 spans. Up to this point, the project has basically completed the tower erection work and is currently undergoing technical calibrations. In parallel with the tower erection work, the construction contractors also organized the hanging of insulators and switched to wire stringing.

Mr. Luu Viet Tien - Deputy General Director of the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) said: The project of the transmission line section Nam Dinh I TPP - Thanh Hoa has been implemented with certain favorable conditions when received constant attention and direction of the Prime Minister, Vietnam Electricity and the support of local authorities in early site transfer.

In addition, the project has started construction earlier than the remaining section and contractors have delivered steel towers to the construction site earlier. Therefore, after having sufficient materials and equipment, EVNNPT has directed contractors to concentrate their workforces on tower erection, and up to now, the tower erection has been basically completed. At the same time, the project has also completed the wire stringing of 9 spans and implementing wire stringing of 19 spans.

By the end of May 31, 2024, the entire 3rd 500kV transmission line from Quang Trach to Pho Noi has completed 1,177/1,177 foundation positions.

The entire line has been delivered with 775/1,177 steel towers; Completed erection and are erecting 748/1,177 towers; Completed and stringing wire for 41/513 spans.

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