Two years in a row, electricity services remained its second place among public services

With 74% of businesses rated satisfaction, electricity delivery had maintained its second place among the evaluated public services of the Infrastructure Index - according to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) at the Provincial Competitiveness Index Announcement Ceremony - PCI 2017 held on March 22, 2018 in Hanoi.

A recognition for electricity service

This is the second consecutive year that the electricity service has held this position, only after the telephone service. Remarkably, in 2017, the electricity service was rated by up to 74% of businesses as satisfactory, which was a sharp increase from the rate of 69% in 2016.

Electricity is one of the services that have the highest increasing business satisfaction - according to the PCI Report. Specifically, the average power supply interruption per business in 2017 was significantly reduced compared to 2016.

The rate of businesses receiving notifications of power supply interruption has increased (reaching 75% of surveyed businesses, much higher than the rate of 50% in 2016). As a result, businesses have more time to prepare and adjust their production and business activities accordingly.

The PCI 2017 Report also publishes an assessment of progress in business environment measurement areas. Access to electricity was evaluated by 69.3% of businesses as having good and very good progress, ranking second in terms of good progress in 11 business environment measurement areas.

74% of businesses rated EVN's electricity services as satisfactory, a sharp increase compared to 2016 - Photo: M.Hanh

Successful breakthrough

EVN is the first infrastructure sector in Vietnam that provides 100% of online electricity services through 05 Customer Care Websites of Power Corporations and the "EVN & Customers" column on EVN website: (from December 21, 2017). The provision of 20/20 online services has helped customers to experience the service as the motto "three easy" and "one door".

EVN's efforts to improve the quality of electricity services are also recognized through customer satisfaction surveys conducted by independent consultants. Specifically, in 2017, the satisfaction level reached 7.97 / 10 points, 0.28 points higher than that of 2016 (7.69 points), a continuous increase in the past 5 years.

The Getting Electricity Indicator in 2017 of Vietnam evaluated by Doing Business (the World Bank) has jumped 32 places compared to the 2016 rankings, reaching the 64th place among 190 countries and territories. Vietnam is the economy with the best improvement of Getting Electricity Indicator in the ASEAN region.

The power supply reliability and power tariff transparency of Vietnam is evaluated by Doing Business at 6/8 - 3 points higher than that of 2016.

In the year 2017, with the theme "Promotion of science and technology", EVN had reformed administrative procedures, actively applied technological advances in transactions with customers, especially in new power supply. Thereby EVN has shortened the duration of new electricity supply through low voltage grids to residential customers in cities / towns in only 2.05 days, residential customers in rural areas in 2.7 days and non – residential customers in 2.89 days. The getting electricity duration applicable for customers buying electricity from medium voltage grids is 4.61 days.

So far, EVN has delivered electricity to 99.98% of communes / wards / towns in the country, the number of rural households having access to electricity is 98.83% and EVN has supplied electricity directly to 11 out of 12 island districts.

PCI Indicator has been co-developed by VCCI and USAID since 2005 to assess the quality of economic governance, the convenience, the friendliness of business environment and the administrative reform efforts of local governments in provinces and cities in Vietnam, thereby promoting the development of private economic sector.

The PCI 2017 report is based on feedbacks from 12,000 enterprises, including over 10,200 private enterprises operating in 63 provinces and cities, and nearly 1,800 foreign investment enterprises operating in 21 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

  • 22/03/2018 10:19