Vietnam increases the electricity access index in 4 consecutive years

According to the Business Environment Report 2017 announced by the World Bank’s Doing Business, Vietnam’s Electricity Access Index has reached 78.69/100 points, jumping 32 places to the 64th out of 190 countries.

Recognition from the World Bank

In Vietnam, to be provided with new medium voltage power, customers are required to follow 5 procedures, the implementation time is 46 days. At the same time, the power supply reliability and transparency of the electricity prices assessed by the WB reached 6/8 points. Compared with the year 2016, the power supply reliability and transparency of electricity price factors have increased by 3 points. This result shows how the World Bank recognizes the renovations of the Power sector of Vietnam in improving the quality of electric power  services.

The year 2017 is the fourth consecutive year that Vietnam’s electricity access index has improved and also been the year with the most impressive breakthrough since 2013. In addition, Vietnam is also the economy having the most improved index of electricity access in ASEAN countries. In particular, this result of Vietnam even surpassed some countries with more developed economies such as Mexico, China, Canada, Hungary, Ukraine, etc.

Hotline repair technology helps to improve the power supply reliability

All for the rights and benefits of customers

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung – Head of EVN Business Department said that all efforts to improve electricity access index that EVN has implemented in recent years are aimed at bringing the best services to electricity customers. The power units have provided the package power supply services, being deliver the doorstep services as per customers’ requirements. All power services are implemented following 3-easy criteria: easy to involve, easy to use, easy to monitor.

Power sector has actively applied information technology to customer services, provided public information on procedures, electricity prices on the websites of the Group and its member units, electronized procedures, allowing customers to online monitor the progress of medium voltage power supply, etc. Especially, EVN has implemented the electric grid automation, focused on improving the reliability, high quality and stability, safety and continuity in power supply. Currently, EVN is actively coordinating with other ministries, sectors and localities to provide power services with the "one-stop-shop" mechanism under the direction of the Government.

Since December 2017, EVN will provide online electricity services, creating maximal convenience for customers. This is also a breakthrough innovation to further improve the electricity access index, contributing to the improvements of national competitiveness in accordance with Resolution No. 19 of the Government.

Several results on assessing Vietnam's electricity access index ( published by the World Bank’s Doing Business):







Number of procedures






Time (Days)






Cost (% GDP per capita)






Vietnam's position among the countries/regions






According to the World Bank, the Electricity Access Index is one of five indexes changing positively and it helps the overall index of the Vietnamese economy to increase by 14 places compared with that of 2016, ranking at 68/190 countries in respect of business environment.

  • 03/01/2018 05:21