Vietnam's Electricity Industry: Journey after half a century of national unification

After nearly 50 years of national unification, Vietnam's electricity industry has made remarkable progress, supplying sufficient electricity for the economy, and contributing to the country's industrialization and modernization.

Ensuring sufficient power for the economy

After the spring victory in 1975, unifying the country, the Electricity industry took over, restored, and invested in the expansion of its system. From a poor and fragmented electricity system, due to the North-South separating war, each region's electricity system developed separately with different technical standards. Now, after nearly half a century, the electricity industry has gradually mastered technology, making the national electricity system increasingly strong, sufficiently meeting the needs of socio-economic development, with increasingly high quality.

After nearly half a century of national unification, the electricity industry has fully met the needs of socio-economic development, with increasingly high quality (Photo: Manh Hung)

Accelerate Rural Electrification

Not only does it supply sufficient power for the country's economic development, but Vietnam is also known as a leading country in developing rural power grids, thereby helping more than 17 million rural, remote, border and island households have access to electricity, thereby contributing to changing the appearance of people's lives in rural areas.

Electricity Industry supplies power to more than 17 million households in rural, remote, border and island areas (Photo: Thu Huong)

Accordingly, the World Bank has evaluated Vietnam as one of the countries that has successfully implemented and achieved high efficiency in rural electricity investment. In fact, the proportion of people using electricity in Vietnam is higher than that in some countries in the region with equal or better economic conditions such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, etc.

It can be affirmed that rural electrification is one of Vietnam's important and outstanding achievements; successfully supplying power to more than 17 million households in rural, remote, border and island areas. The report of Vietnam Electricity said: In rural areas, the percentage of households using electricity as of December 31, 2019, reached 99.26%; only about 0.74% of rural households still do not have access to electricity and now this figure is continuing to be shortened.

Thanks to that, Vietnam's electricity coverage level is higher than that of some countries in the region. EVN has supplied power to 100% of communes nationwide. The number of households with electricity and using electricity increased from 97.31%, equivalent to 19 million households (in 2010) to 99.47%, equivalent to 27.41 million households (in June 2019). In particular, the number of rural households with access to electricity increased from 96.29%, equivalent to 13.26 million households (in 2010) to 99.18%, equivalent to 16.98 million households (in June 2019).

In the period 2016-2020 alone, the central budget capital mobilization for the rural power supply program is VND 4,743 billion along with counterpart capital from investors. The program has achieved encouraging results: 17/17 communes were supplied with power, reaching 100% of the plan; Supplying power to the islands: Ly Son (Quang Ngai), Bach Long Vy (Hai Phong), Nhon Chau (Binh Dinh), Cu Lao Cham (Quang Nam), Tran and Cai Chien islands (Quang Ninh)

Up to now, Vietnam has had solid power grid system with diverse sources with 426 power plants from different investors (Photo: Thanh Vinh)

In 2024, our country will have a solid electricity system. Vietnam's Electricity industry gradually grows stronger with 426 power plants of different investors (not including small hydroelectric plants), bringing the installed capacity up to over 80,555MW, not including imported electricity, ranking in the group of 29 countries with the most developed electricity systems in the world and the leading in ASEAN.

According to the assessment of Professor,  Academician Tran Dinh Long - Vice President of the Vietnam Electricity Association: Just look at the achievements of the Industry and Trade industry and the country in recent years, you will clearly see the contribution of the Electricity industry. From the situation of insignificance, the Electricity industry has now had reserves, supplying enough power for load demand with constantly increasing quality and services, contributing to improving national competitiveness and attracting investment; helping transform regional economic structure; and promoting the production of goods for consumption and export.

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