What products have been exhibited by EVN at the Industry 4.0 Virtual Reality Expo?

Four advanced information technology systems have been brought to the Industry 4.0 Virtual Reality Expo - Industry 4.0 Summit 2021 by Vietnam Electricity. The exhibition program takes place from November 9 to November 30 in the form of online.

Exhibition images of EVN's information technology products on the 3D platform at https://expo.i40summit.vn/

EVN participates in the exhibition on both 2D and 3D platforms at the website: https://expo.i40summit.vn/, with the aim of facilitating visitors’ experiencing and learning about advanced technology solutions and IT systems of EVN anytime, anywhere on smart devices.

In particular, four IT systems are being introduced by EVN at the exhibition, including: Financial accounting/materials management system (ERP); Power generation and grid engineering management system (PMIS); Digital office system (Digital Office); Customer information management system (CMIS).

4 information technology systems were introduced by EVN at the Industry 4.0 Virtual Reality Expo

These IT systems have been established and developed by the Information and Communication Technology Company under EVN (EVNICT) at the request of EVN. Currently, the systems have been deployed throughout the Group, playing an important role in EVN's power management, production and business activities, contributing to promoting the ongoing digital transformation process at EVN.

Financial accounting/materials management system (ERP): being built with the goal of managing financial, materials, and procurement activities of EVN’s member organizations; providing unified professional processes in financial and materials activities throughout EVN; centrally managing, exploiting data in each corporation and making consolidated reports for EVN; integrating EVN's shared systems and operations.

Power generation and grid engineering management system (PMIS): modernizing the power system operation, maximizing equipment value, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, facilitating consolidation and reporting between management levels. The PMIS system is built on the platform where the entire grid database is digitized in the form of a tree of principle diagrams, detailed to each tower position, thereby digitizing documents, building a shared data warehouse, giving warnings based on operating parameters, reducing equipment inventory, optimizing equipment exploitation capacity, etc.

Customer information management system (CMIS): being the core system of entire power business activities, including all features and functions to meet requirements of power business and customer service processes (26 electricity services), in particular providing electricity services and customer services by electronic transactions.

Digital Office system (Digital Office, D-Office for short): being an IT application in office management and archives, contributing to building and developing a digital office ecosystem of EVN. The system is a tool to support the direction, administration and control of working processes, document handling processes in the organization; contributing to improving the application of information technology in administrative reform.


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