What the power industry should do to transparentize information

In the Annual Report of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) 2016, the electricity supply service ranks 2nd among numerous infrastructure indices, etc. What reasons behind the improvement of the electricity supply service quality over the past time and whether such improvement can be permanently maintained?

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung - Photo: Thanh Trung

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung – Director of Business Department of Vietnam Electricity had provided some information relating to the transparentization of electric power business.

- During the past years, there have still existed a lot of concerns of power electric supply services, for instance inaccessibility to information or red tape, sir?

To continue reforming power electric service delivery procedures, recently on May 15, 2017, EVN issued Decision No. 505 – Regulations on power electric service delivery within EVN. The Decision emphasizes EVN’s trend and objective to transparantize information and introduces specific information such as EVN’s pledges on electric power service delivery to customers; satisfying all legitimate power electric service delivery requests of customers with the declared quality, right purpose and within the required time schedule; executing “one door” mechanism from receipt of requests until finalization of service delivery. Simplicity, convenience, transparency, strengthening the monitoring and supervision of the people and customers. Information transparency is a vital mission of the power industry.

- Customers are still concerned about the mechanism “one door but many alleys”?

Customers should look at EVN’s actions in reality and will see their information publication on websites and at five Customer Care Centers of Power Corporations or via hotline 24/24h. Online service registration aims to eradicate the bureaucratic “ask – give” mechanism.  

Nowadays, the people can do online registrations for all power electric service delivery services via: calling to Customer Care Centers, registration on customer care websites. Transparent information, online service registrations are fundamental factors to gain customers’ trusts of EVN’s “one door” mechanism.

In particular with more than 900 customer transaction offices and the five Customer Care Centers, convenience to customers have been improved considerably by EVN in order to meet power electric service demands of customers all over the country.

- What the people want to know is specific changes rather than just wordy slogans, sir?

Over the past time EVN has made remarkably improvements. In particular, the duration for handling procedures of the power industry has reduced from 11 days in 2015 to 9 days in 2016, and we strive to make it down to only 7 days in 2017. Procedures and duration for electricity supply have been optimized: 7 days for handling procedures with relation to the power industry for medium voltage customers and 3 days for low voltage customers in 2017. Online registrations have been applied for new electricity delivery requests. One door procedure is applied for electricity delivery services to mitigate procedures for new requests.

One of the outstanding achievements in 2015 was EVN’s Electricity supply program for medium voltage customers which enable EVN’s management, monitoring, supervision of electricity supply process to customers who buy electricity from medium voltage grids via dedicated substations and invest in medium voltage substation and power lines. Customers can follow up directly the progress of procedure handling by the power industry via websites of power corporations and customer care websites.

Until now, power consumption indicator monitoring has caused a lot of disputes, which created an unpleasant image of the power industry. However, EVN has applied online management applications for power meter reading so that customers can directly follow up their monthly consumption data via applications on their smart phones. Manual work is mitigated in power meter reading thanks to the automatic power meter reading and bill calculation Customer Information Management System software of EVN.

- Thank you!

Customer satisfaction index has been steadily improved in years according to assessments of an independent consultant: In 2013 the average point was 6.45, in 2014 it was 6.9, in 2015 it was 7.27 and 2016 it was 7.69/10.


  • 15/06/2017 08:59
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