Installation of Additional Meter

My family has 12 people, split into 4 households. We installed 2 meters. My mother and I are not the permanent residents at the place where we are living. I would like to ask if my mother and I can install another meter for our convenient use? 



Pursuant to paragraph 1 article 2 of circular No. 19/2014/TT-BCT on June 18, 2014 issuing the electricity purchase  contract sample for the purpose of household consumption, the following provision is stipulated:

1. At a location of registration of power purchase

a) power purchaser being a household that has registration for permanent residence or temporary residence can only sign one contract for power purchase.   

b) In case of not having registration for permanent residence or temporary residence , one of the following papers can be used to sign only one power purchase contract: certificate of house ownership or decision of receiving the house;  eligible house purchase contract;  certificate of land use right  (with the house on the land); authorization contract for management and use of the house certified by notary public or testification for registration of power purchase.   

However, to ensure the technical requirement and safe use of electricity, the power company has to survey the customer's electrical system and decides if the meter installation is needed.

 Thank you!

  • 28/11/2016