Rating of Power using

Is it possible for two households sharing one electricity meter to register 2 different power using ratings? If possible, what procedure is needed to increase power using ratings?



The power consumption rating for domestic use is calculated in accordance with paragraph 2, article 10 Circular No.16/2014/TT-BCT of the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued on May 29th 2014 on the power tariff. Therefore, if the customer has two different households living in one house, they can share one electricity meter with 2 different power using ratings.

To supplement power using ratings, the customer will have to prepare papers to prove that there are two households sharing one electricity meter, specifically:

First: Copies of two household books (if any). If the two household books have two different home addresses, it is required to obtain the certification, by the household registry Police, of the permanent residency of the customers at the new address. In the case that the customer has no household book, the customer needs to have written request thereof certified by the local government. For this procedure to be proceeded smoothly while still following the law, customers need to register for long-term or short-term residency.

Note: When the customer is no longer staying with their parents, the customer needs to advise the Power utility unit so as to adjust the number of actual households using electricity.

Second: The latest electricity bill of your parents’ apartment.

After completing all the mentioned documents, you can submit them to the customer service department of the Power unit for procedure to be proceeded.

  • 31/05/2016