Replacement of Electricity Meter

My electricity meter was burnt due to overload.  In case of replacement, how will the power company resolve and how much does this cost?    

Vu Tuan
Yen Dinh, Thanh Hoa


The power company will replace the meter to resume your power supply. The power company will cooperate with the customer to implement the following steps to resolve the fault:

  • Inspect and determine the cause of the meter burning.
  • Prepare the minutes of tracking the use of electricity.   
  • Prepare labor cost estimate for the replacement.
  • Calculate equipment compensation rates (meter)
  • Calculate the fine of contract breach.
  •  Calculate costs of interruption and reduction of power supply.

 The customer shall pay the above entire costs.

For further information, please contact the exchange: 19006769 or send an e-mail to: of the customer care centre - Northern Power Corporation.

Thank you very much.

  • 05/08/2016