117 households in Phang Xo Lin (Lai Chau province) have access to grid-connected electricity

On September 12, Lai Chau Power Company (Lai Chau PC) energized Nam Luc distribution substation, bringing grid-connected electricity to 117 households in Nam Luc village, Phang Xo Lin commune, Sin Ho district, Lai Chau province.

The substation is part of the Project of power supply to unelectrified villages and areas in Lai Chau province. The project scale includes 4.3km of 35kV power line; 3.4km of 0.4kV power line; one 75kVA substation.

Workers of Lai Chau PC are performing the job to energize Nam Luc substation

Lai Chau Power Company said that in the process of project implementation, Lai Chau PC encountered many difficulties, however, they proactively carried out solutions, requested construction contractors to spend all resources to accelerate the subproject. At the same time, the company enhanced its inspection, supervision, review of project implementation progress and promptly resolved problems arisen. As a result, the substation was completed on schedule, with satisfactory quality.

From the beginning of the year until now, Lai Chau PC has brought grid-connected electricity to 1,184 households in 21 villages in the communes of Phang Xo Lin, Hong Thu, Ta Ngao, Lang Mo, Tua Sin Chai in Sin Ho district. From now until the end of 2021, the company strives to complete the project and will supply electricity to more than400 households in some remaining communes in Sin Ho district.

Bringing grid-connected electricity to unelectrified villages is a great effort of Lai Chau PC, in order to contribute to promoting socio-economic development, ensuring national security and defense; changing the face of rural mountainous areas, creating many advantages in the daily life and production activities of local people in remote villages; at the same time, contributing to increasing the percentage of households in the province having access to the national grid in accordance with the Resolution of the 14th Provincial Party Congress.

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