All 110kV substations in Vinh Long province are monitored and controlled remotely

This is one of the results achieved on investing by Vinh Long Power Company (under the Southern Power Corporation) in modernizing its power grid management and operation.



Remote Control Center of Vinh Long Power Company

According to Vinh Long PC Director Le Thanh Hung, the Company's SCADA/DMS system (put into operation in March 2017) has now all the modern features of a remote control center: They are all equipped with a video wall system made of seventeen 55in screens, connected to two remote control computer systems. Dispatchers operating the power grid on an intuitive diagram can control and operate devices from the control center and isolate quickly the fault area.

Vinh Long PC Remote Control Center has now connected SCADA signals for remotely monitoring and controlling the operation of 5/5 110kV substations in the province. At the same time, Vinh Long PC has deployed a remote monitoring system of 35/35 22kV power lines; remote operation of 27/54 reclosers, by which the rate of successful remote operations of the power grid is higher than 99%, the rate of incidental power supply line rerouting in less than 5 minutes is higher than 90%.

In addition, the connection of telemetrical data on the Outage Management System (OMS) has helped to manage all cases of repeated or extended power interruptions, from which the PC has found promptly solutions to fix and improve the problems.

In parallel with the strong application of the SCADA system to modernize the power grid, the power supply reliability of Vinh Long PC has been continuously improved. SAIFI index (average number of power outages of the distribution grid) decreased from 6.64 times (in 2016) to 2.53 times (in 2020); SAIDI index (average outage time of the distribution grid) decreased from 1,661 minutes (in 2016) to 302 minutes (in 2020).

According to the proposed roadmap, Vinh Long PC is striving to decrease its SAIFI index to less than 2.0 times and SAIDI index to below 220 minutes in the period 2021-2025. Power grid automation and digitization are key tasks to meet N-1 criterion in power grid operation and management. Besides, Vinh Long PC also organizes annual training and testing programs for engineers, dispatchers, and operators to ensure qualified and capable human resources to master new technologies, achieve professional standards in the field of automation.

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