* Change of customer in the contract

The dossier consists of: Written request with the agreement by the customer in the previous contract, with the confirmation by the local authority of the locality of electricity consumption or with full legal documents proving the new customer’s ownership of the electricity purchase point.

If the previous customer owes electricity charge payment, the new customer shall make a commitment to pay the charges owed.

The new customer is responsible for notifying the electricity supplier for inspection of the existing electricity metering equipment system once taking charge of the electricity purchase point. During the time before the electricity supplier is notified of the change of customers, the new customer shall be responsible for the electricity metering system received. The electricity supplier is responsible for continued electricity supply, inspection of the electricity metering system and signing of the new electricity purchase contract once the new customer meets all requirements.

* Change of location of the metering system

If the customer needs to change the location of the metering system (change of the electricity voltage of the electricity to be purchased, change of the site in which the metering system is installed, etc.), all the costs for the change of location of the electricity metering system (except the cost of the meter) are to be paid by the customer. If the electricity supplier needs to change the location of the metering system, all the costs shall be covered by the supplier.

* Discontinuation of electricity use

When no longer using electricity, the customer needs to notify the electricity supplier to carry out procedures for liquidating the contract. The contract shall be liquidated once the customer has paid all the due payments committed in the contract.

The electricity supplier shall unilaterally terminate the contract in the following cases:

- The customer stops using electricity for more than six months without notifying the electricity supplier;

- The customer purchasing electricity for residential use has sold the housing property to a new owner and has paid all the due payments, and both the electricity supplier and buyer have no other reservations in written form within 15 days of the settlement of due payments.

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