Chairman of EVN’s Board of Directors Duong Quang Thanh: "I believe that customers sympathize with EVN’s efforts"

“Should every job be done with a high sense of responsibility, customers will definitely enjoy good services. I do always believe that customers sympathize with EVN’s efforts”- these words were shared by EVN’s Party Secretary, Chairman of EVN’s Board of Directors Duong Quang Thanh with reporters of the Power Magazine.

Chairman of EVN’s Board of Directors Duong Quang Thanh

Reporter: With the theme "Improving the quality of human resources" in 2018, what key solutions have been implemented by EVN, sir?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: Right after the Board of Directors of EVN issued Resolution No. 374 / NQ-HDTV dated December 5, 2017 on the theme of the year 2018 as "Improving the quality of human resources", an action plan was formulated by EVN, which clearly specified short-term and long-term targets, associated with key solutions to realize each target successfully.

Given the establishment of "Human Resource Administration  in Vietnam Electricity during the period of 2018 - 2025, with vision to 2030" project, EVN and its member units have carried out a lot of concrete programs which focused on targeted groups such as managers, experts and direct laborers.

EVN has made many strategic breakthroughs in personnel management, such as: for the first time developing a master plan for mobilizing and rotating personnel under EVN’s management for the period of 2018 - 2020; developing an expert training project in order to discover, train and utilize capable and experienced people.

2018 was the first year EVN established an online learning platform, gradually applying achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 to the training and development of human resources, facilitating all employees’ self-study anytime anywhere, improving employees’ competences to meet work requirements.

All these key solution groups were executed synchronously and thoroughly from the Group to member units.

Reporter: Training and retraining to attaint great employees is not easy, however how to "retain" these great employees is an even more difficult task. Has EVN experienced a brain drain, sir? If yes, how has EVN solved this problem?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: Talented people, who have outstanding competences in general, often have many occupational opportunities to choose from. They are the "targets" of many businesses, with attractive "proposals", etc. In fact, the phenomenon of "brain drain" in general, or to be more specific the situation of competent people changing their jobs often happens in large corporations in the world and in Vietnam. EVN is not an exception.

To solve this problem, EVN has always determined that "Employees are the most valuable assets", thereby attempting to build a civilized and equal working environment. In particular, employees are respected, listened to, shared and especially they always have an opportunity to express and prove their capacity and to be promoted. As for management, leadership positions, the Group and member units have been and will continue to expand recruitment opportunities through open competitive examinations with the aim of maximize opportunities for talented people.

In addition, in order to attract exceptionally qualified and experienced people, EVN has formulated a proper salary scheme for experts. In addition to remuneration factors, EVN has paid a lot of attentions to developing corporate culture, taking care of employees’ spiritual life, so that employees have a good working environment and long-term loyalty.

Reporter: In 2018, EVN has made many important achievements in production and business activities. Can you further analyze what factors lead to this success?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: EVN's successes gained in 2018 - especially in the context that the Group faced many difficulties and challenges, can be attributed to the support and close directions of the Party, the Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade; the companion and effective coordination of local authorities, agencies, organizations, etc. in solving difficulties, giving EVN a great comfort to complete our tasks.

In addition, the Board of Directors, the Board of Management of EVN have made very drastic instructions and strictly enforced the performance evaluation of EVN’s departments and member units. Every task and assignment of EVN's leaders has been strictly controlled in terms of quality and progress.

At the same time, the Group drastically directed its member units to improve the reliability of electricity supply; exerting their great efforts to put new power plant projects into operation on schedule; regularly coordinated with Vinacomin and Petrovietnam to remove obstacles in coal supply and securing gas supply for the stable operation of existing gas fired power plants. EVN has requested the National Load Dispatch Center to develop a power supply scenario in the most difficult condition, thereby making dispatch orders to operate the power system in a flexible, safe and economical manner.

 EVN has kept on promoting the application of scientific and technological advances, especially the achievements of industrial revolution 4.0 in all areas of operation. Remote control systems, SCADA systems, smart grids, CMIS 3.0 customer management information system; E-Office 3.0, etc. or advanced customer care applications have become effective tools for EVN and member units in all activities. On December 21, 2018, EVN announced to deliver online electricity services at level 4 - becoming the first infrastructure business in the country to achieve this level.

A decisive factor for the success of the Group is the solidarity and relentless efforts of all employees.

Reporter: One of the excellent achievement having impact on the community is the Getting Electricity Indicator of Vietnam in 2018 reaching 87.94 points - up 37 levels compared to 2017, ranking 27th in 190 countries and economies. What is your opinion on this ranking?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: This has been the best ranking improvement since 2013. With this ranking, Vietnam's Getting Electricity Indicator has exceeded the target set by the Government, significantly contributing to bettering the business environment as well as improving the national competitiveness.

This ranking is an accurate and objective evaluation of the World Bank, which enables EVN to enhance its prestige in the eyes of its partners and the society. This prominent outcome in 2018 demonstrated the right orientation and high determination of Vietnam Electricity and its member units on the journey to shorten the electricity supply duration, making it public and transparent towards simplifying procedures and giving customers the highest convenience.

Reporter: In 2019, which strategic targets will EVN concentrate on, sir?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: EVN always considers the delivery of sufficient electricity for socio - economic development and people's life as the first and foremost task. To this end, the Group has identified the theme of the year 2019 as "Enhancing the efficiency of power system and electricity market operation", with the aim of ensuring safe power supply; optimally operating power plants, power grids and the electricity market in the most effective way.

At the same time, EVN will also attach importance to reviewing local power development master plans of provinces / cities in order to introduce adjustments in conformity with actual needs, well preparing plans and solutions ready for investing in urgent power projects.

Another task of equal importance is to accelerate the rearrangement, renovation and restructuring of member enterprises according to the project approved by the Prime Minister. In addition, the Group will coordinate more effectively with local authorities and communities to expedite power supply programs in rural, mountainous areas and islands, paving the way to realization of the target that 100% of households shall have access to electricity by 2020.

In particular, EVN pays great attention to implementing the project on research, development and application of achievements of the industrial revolution 4.0 in all production and business activities, with the goal of building a vigorous Group having intensively and extensively global integration.

Reporter: Dear Chairman, could you please share your message to all employees in the Group when coming into the year 2019?

Mr. Duong Quang Thanh: On behalf of EVN's leaders, I acknowledge and highly appreciate efforts of all employees in the Group which contributed to the success of EVN in 2018.

The year 2019 has come and difficulties and challenges as well as great opportunities are still ahead. The more the difficulties are, the bigger  the challenges are, the clearer the goals should be set, the more persistent and drastic the willpower should be made available to realize those goals. I hope that all employees, regardless of their positions or jobs, shall devote their full minds and energy, unite, be creative, coordinate with and support each other to fulfill our tasks in the best way. I totally believe that we will overcome all challenges, excellently accomplish all assignments and deserve the trust of the Party, the State and the people.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

  • 04/01/2019 04:03