Chatbot 2.0 of EVNANOI can guess users’ thought

Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) has upgraded Chatbot (Chatbot 2.0) with many new features for better supporting the consulting, customer services.

Chatbot 2.0 integrated into Fanpage of EVN HANOI – Photo credit: EVN HANOI

Chatbot 2.0’s data system provides 8 service groups including: New power supply; power purchase agreement; requirements of measurement system; registration for electricity bill payment; searching information; notifying power cut-off; receiving customer services registration; other services in the field of Customer Care (CC) of the Power sector.

While Chatbot 1.0 (testing started from December 2017) only responds to the command which has been already programmed, Chatbot 2.0 has the ability to capture key words in the chat messages sent by customers to respond them.

Particularly, this new version of Chatbot is also capable of “self-learning”. After each conversation with the customers, Chatbot will automatically add questions/ answers to its data bank.

Chatbot 2.0 also features automatic interaction with customers, receiving online electricity services. At the same time, it is integrated into the existing platforms (Facebook, Website, App) thus the advantage of the users is taken and communication costs is saved.

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Head of EVNHANOI’s Business Department, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to customer care had contributed to reducing the pressure for the consultants and modernizing the interaction method between the Sector and its customers, enhancing the satisfaction of power users.

  • 29/08/2018 04:42