Common queries about procedures for power supply, power purchase agreements

Editorial Board of website would like to introduce to readers a few frequently asked questions from customers and answers from EVN Business Department on: Procedures for power supply, power purchase agreements.

Q1: Registration procedures for power purchase for domestic use

I want to purchase power for domestic use.  What is the procedure? What documents are required, how long does it take and how much does it cost?

A: Dear Valued customer,

To be supplied with power for domestic use, you should go to the nearest Customer service office of Local power branch to register it.

When registering to purchase power, customers need to have 02 following documents:

1. Request for power purchase  

2. A copy of one of the documents related to power purchase places:

  - Household book of permanent residence or temporary residence;

  - Certificate of house ownership or decision on the place of house or house sale contract;

  - Certificates of land use rights (with house on land);

  - House lease contract.

In case the Customer does not have any of these documents, the Request for power purchase shall be certified by the Local Commune or Ward People's Committee about the power purchase place.

Customers can refer to the procedures and relating costs at: diene / Index.aspx

In case the regional grid is unqualified for power supply certified by local regulatory agency (the Department of Trade and Industry), the power branch will send a written reply to the customers within 03 working days, including expected time for power supply.


Q2: Procedures for changing the information in the power purchase agreement

Is it possible for me to change the information (name / phone number / ...) in the power purchase agreement? What is the procedure? How much does it cost? Please give me specific instructions.


A: Dear Valued customer,

To make changes in information stated in the power purchase agreement, you can contact your local Power branch for detailed instructions, Power branch will assist you in  performing these procedures.

For the request to change the name in the agreement, you should contact Power branch for procedures as prescribed.

For now, these services are free of charge.


Q3: Procedures for private substation installation

I want to install a substation for my own, what procedures are there to follow? What is the cost and time duration for perform the work? Thank you.

A: Dear Valued customer,

The procedure for the installation of private substations is as follows:

a. Written request to power purchase.

b. 01 copy of a document identifying the place of power purchase, it can be one of the following documents:

- 01 copy of document specified the place of power purchase, it can be one of the following documents: Household Book; or a House ownership certificate; or a eligible house purchase contract; or ownership certificate of land use (house available on land for domestic customers); or a authorization contract on management and use of house/land; or place renting contract (for other customers);

c. 01 copy of the documents specifying the purpose of power use if it is not for domestic use. It may be one of the following documents: certificate of enterprise registration; or a certificate of business registration; or a registration certificate of the branch or representative office; or investment license; or decision on establishment of the enterprise.

Local retailed distribution units  in rural and mountainous areas who buy power from the distribution network with a total capacity of 50 KVA or more shall have a Power Operating License granted by the authorized governmental agencies.

d. Written request for Connection as prescribed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

After conducting a survey at site, Power branch will carry out the connection agreement, the connection point agreed will be the ground for determining the investment boundary between Power branches and customers.

You can work with the local Power branch to consider a relevant lump-sum service or to hire a company specializing in design and construction of the work.


Q4: Procedure for installing three phase meters

I want to install 3-phase electricity meter, serving the purpose of manufacturing / agriculture / family activities, etc., What procedures should I follow, what documents are required and how much will the cost be?

A: Dear Valued customer,

If 3-phase network is available in the area, the local power branch will check the actual equipment and the power usage of the customer to determine the power supply,  whether 1 phase or 3-phase, for the customer.

The procedure is as follows:

- If the customer is a 1-phase user, there shall be a written request to change the purpose, capacity as well as a list of additional equipment.

- If the customer requests for a new power supply, it is required to have: Written request for power purchase and 01 copy of the document specifying the power purchasing place.

If the regional network is unqualified for 3-phase power supply, the Power branch will send a written reply to the customer within 03 working days stating the estimated time of power supply.

Cost of implementation:

- The costs borne by the Power unit: The entire cost of materials, installation labour, taxes and fees as prescribed by the Government to install the service drop from the low voltage grid to meters and MCCB for meter protection.

- The costs borne by the Customer: All costs of materials, installation labour of electrical conductors from meters into the customer’s house (except for MCCB). In case the customer hires the Power Unit to do this, the cost will include taxes and fees as prescribed by the State.


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