Da Nang PC: Appplying automated technology, enhancing power supply reliability

Da Nang Power One-member Limited Company (Da Nang PC) has applied new technologies, step by step automated power network systems, contributing to enhancing power supply reliability, satisfying  customers.

Applying automatic meter reading (AMR) technology, ensuring publicity, transparency.

As estimated to the end of 2017, the rate of Da Nang PC’s electronic meters is 81.7% and makes the company ranked the 2nd among power companies of the entire country in terms of the electronic meter installation rate.

With the electronic meter systems, customers can easily monitor and manage the power consumption at any time of day. Especially, the recording of the customers' power consumption is completely automatically made from a distance, ensuring the fairness, transparency and publicity.

 For enterprises using great amount of power, customers easily monitor the power quality, consumed power capacity thanks to application of AMR collecting softwares on the internet. Thereby, customers can proactively regulate the load, positively contribute to the general load curve of the entire power system by transferring the using power capacity from the peak hours into off-peak ones. With current electricity price policy, if power is consumed properly, customers can save considerable power expenses for their enterprises.

The AMR systems also help units immediately detect incidents, then timely localize and handle, enhancing the power supply reliability. In addition, the accuracy up to +/- 1% of electronic meters also discards errors, contributing to the publicity, transparency in electric energy business activities, creating trust for electricity using customers.

The application of AMR technology also contributes to supporting Da Nang PC in  enhancing the labour productivity, because staff s don't have to directly collect the readings at site, all of the readings are automatically transmitted to computers.

Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai (3rd person from the left) works at Da Nang PC Control Center

Applied automation into power network operation

Along with the measurement systems, the automation of power network management, operation when putting the Control Center into operation and unmanned Transformer Stations (TSs) of Da Nang PC also brings in a lot of benefits for customers. Mr. Hoang Dang Nam - Head of Dispatch Department of Da Nang PC said, by January 2018, the company has automated 6/9 of 110 kV Transformer Stations. This is an important progress, contributing to modernize the Da Nang power network in line with the construction schedule of smart power grid.

In the past, operators of 110 kV TSs received and performed the dispatch orders from the dispatch operators of the Central and the Da Nang distribution power network, but currently, this task is centralized into the unique hub – the Control Center. Whereby, the operating status as well as operating parameters of power equipment in TSs are regularly monitored through the technical systems at the Control Center. In the event of any abnormal status (low voltage, incidents, etc.), control operators  will be alerted by the system to promptly carry out taking measures, insuring the power supply reliability and the power quality.

Through the remote management, performance, operation, equipment switching, the automation brings in a lot of practical benefits such as decreasing the time of performing and operating, switching TS equipment, reducing the maintenance time, handling incidents, etc. By which, reducing the power failure time, affecting residents, enterprises.

With the automation of power network, Da Nang PC is increasingly improving power supply reliability and power customer satisfaction. In the first 6 months of 2017, Da Nang PC implemented nearly 5,000 telephone calls to survey  the customer satisfaction level and all of the surveyed customers gave positive feedbacks and high appreciations for power services.

  • 12/01/2018 02:57
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