Digitizing the distributed control system, towards building a smart power plant

Digital transformation of distributed control systems (DCS) at hydropower plants is duly considered by Power Generation Corporation 2 as an indispensable condition to improve the stable and safe operation of generating units towards building a "smart power plant" in the future.

What is DCS?

In a distributed control system (Distributed Control System), the controllers are not centralized in one place but are distributed in a distributed manner, with each subsystem being controlled by one or more controllers. In hydroelectric power plants, DCS performs the function of collecting data, monitoring any state changes, and controlling the equipment throughout the plant. Currently, the DCS of power plants is connected to send operation monitoring information and receive control commands from the National Load Dispatch Center and the regional dispatchers.

Typical DCS system diagram

Modernizing DCS is not only an urgent task at directly operating units but also a source of timely information for corporate governance, making accurate decisions to improve production efficiency. Business activities at a higher management level are Power Generation Corporation 2 (EVNGENCO 2) and Vietnam Electricity.

Roadmap of Digital transformation 

Power Generation Corporation 2 has assigned A Vuong Hydropower Company (AVC) to pilot digital transformation with the Project "Digitalizing the DCS system and building a data management information system for hydropower plant operation", aiming to replicate the model for hydropower in the whole EVNGENCO 2. Due to the relatively large workload, the digital transformation roadmap is divided into two phases, the first phase is implemented in 2021-2022 and the second phase is in 2022 - 2025.

In the first phase, AVC shall digitize DCS data and build an information system to manage operational data to ensure the stable and safe operation of the plant. At the same time, building hardware and software infrastructure for Web/Mobile to digitize, store and update operational data flexibly. Hardware and software systems must be able to connect to existing systems and scalable and be compatible with new technology systems. On the other hand, optimization with the support of artificial intelligence(AI) in planning, production, maintenance, repair, etc., towards building a "smart plant".

The architecture of intelligent production management system XHQ (Operations Intelligence)

AVC also researches and proposes the application of intelligent production management software to support the digitization of production data with the function of synthesizing, selecting and analyzing data in production and business activities from many other sources. Specifically, this software allows managing production information, hydrology, operating status, maintenance and repair of equipment, connection to collect data from DCS systems, etc. These parameters are displayed intuitively. The software also has the capacity to export report files and share them with AVC's offices as well as EVNGENCO 2. Users can access them on any device running a web browser and anywhere with an internet connection, ensuring flexibility and high information security.

In the next stage, AVC will continue to upgrade and replace the DCS system to ensure the implementation of distributed control functions for the entire A Vuong Hydropower Plant in a modern, easy-to-operate direction, user-friendly, open manner, being compliant with existing control logic and scalable, compatible with other plant-wide systems.

In the coming time, EVNGENCO 2 will continue to research and apply scientific and technological achievements to successfully digitally convert the DCS system in hydropower plants, contributing to improving production efficiency, as a premise for building "smart power plants" of EVNGENCO 2 in the future.

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