EVN and Seychelle: Prospects for cooperation in renewable energy

On 26th March 2019, in Hanoi, EVN’s Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai received and worked with Mr. Nico Barito - Special envoy of Republic of Seychelles’ President and General Secretary of Asian - African Economic Cooperation Forum supporting small and medium enterprises, Director of Organization R20 Asia Pacific on adaption to climate change.

The working session was also attended by Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh - General Secretary of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Seychelles is currently an investor from Africa having the largest investment in Vietnam.

Mr. Nico Barito - Special envoy of Republic of Seychelles’ President said that, in the coming time, Seychelles enterprises would like to promote the cooperation with EVN and participate in investing and developing the energy sector in Vietnam.

Mr. Nico Barito proposed implementing an experimenting project on displaying renewable energy with cooperation of Seychelle and EVN in order to promote technology, creating a premise to replicate the model of clean power source in Vietnam. If its actual performance is possible, the project site will be prioritized by the two parties in island districts, aimed at strengthening local power source and supply power to people on the islands.

On this occasion, Mr. Nico Barito also invited EVN to participate in international forum programs on developing green economy, combating against climate change, thereby, clearly expressing orientation of EVN in developing sustainable energy. 

Deputy General Director of EVN Ngo Son Hai (middle) receiving Delegation from Republic of Seychelles

EVN’s Deputy General Director Ngo Son Hai welcomed and expressed his consent on the proposals from the Special envoy and said that he would submit that idea of implementing the implementing project to EVN’s Member Council.

Mr. Ngo Son Hai also affirmed that EVN always supports and is willing to support domestic and foreign investors, including those from Republic of Seychelles to participate in developing power source in Vietnam, particularly on renewable energy power projects.

  • 22/03/2019 10:42
  • evn.com.vn