EVN focuses on deploying new electricity retail tariff

In execution of Decision No. 1062/QD-BCT regulating electricity prices, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on May 4, 2023, Vietnam Electricity has directed its member organizations to focus human resources on urgently implementing activities in order to care for the interests of electricity customers.

All five Power Corporations of EVN have developed customer care applications to serve customers under their service areas. In the photo: Customer care application EVNHCMC CSKH of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation.

Closing electricity meter index recording on May 4, 2023

The closure of the electricity meter index recording must be carried out on May 4, 2023, for all electricity customers (except for residential retail meters), and the recorded index are notified to customers within 24 hours according to forms of notice agreed in Power Supply Agreements. The notification of the customer's index needs to be combined with the notification of the address of the online bill calculation tool on the Customer Service Website/Customer Service App so that the customer can actively calculate the electricity bill.

Customers, who install three-tariff meters, special-purpose substation meters, and wholesale electricity meters, are eligible to apply the phrase "according to the method agreed upon by the two parties" as regulated in Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BCT dated May 29, 2014, on implementation of electricity prices, in order to record indexes by remote metering systems and send index notices to customers in forms agreed in the power supply agreements, prioritizing   Email/Zalo/SMS channels.

As for households buying electricity for domestic use (whose meter reading dates are not the same as the electricity price adjustment date), the electricity bill calculation method will be applied according to the interpolation method based on the following parameters: the actual electricity amount used in the indexing period, the actual number of days of electricity use, the electricity usage level of each tier calculated on the actual number of days between the two indexing periods.

Publicly posting, receiving, and resolving inquiries, focusing on customer service

Publicly posting Decision No. 1062/QD-BCT, Decision No. 377/QD-EVN, Circular No. 16/2014/TT-BCT, Circular No. 25/2018/TT-BCT, Circular No. 06/2021/TT-BCT, and guiding documents on electricity prices of the Electricity Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Industry and Trade at all customer transaction locations, Customer Care website, EVN website, etc., according to regulations.

Inquiries about electricity prices from customers are received by the EVN website/EVN's social media channels and sent to Customer Care Centers. The power companies need to arrange personnel qualified, with a civilized and polite communication attitude at customer transaction offices, to timely and accurately respond to and handle inquiries from customers or reflected on the mass media, not tolerating errors that affect service quality. In particular, Directors of Power Companies have to directly address customers' complaints related to electricity bills within 24 hours.

The invoice should be controlled, especially in cases where the customer has a change in the invoice period (changing the metering system, changing the price ratio record, changing the purpose of use, etc.), to avoid errors. Strengthening inspections of the application of electricity prices based on use purposes and types of electricity users; reviewing the number of households using electricity for domestic use sharing electricity meters to apply the correct price level to ensure accuracy and compliance with current regulations. The support work for producing electricity bills in May 2023 should be staffed 24/7.

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