EVN organizes a webinar on digital transformation with RMIT University (Australia)

The seminar program on digital transformation organized by Vietnam Electricity (EVN) in collaboration with RMIT University (Australia) on November 3 was a great success, providing more useful information to help EVN broaden its perspective on digital transformation.

Vietnam Electricity has nearly 1,000 bridge points to attend the webinar with leading experts and doctors from RMIT University. EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam chaired the workshop.

According to Mr. Vo Quang Lam, EVN has developed a specific strategy with the goal of becoming a digital enterprise by 2025, in which digital transformation is basically completed in 2022. To achieve this goal, EVN needs to apply digital technology in many areas of its operations, both bringing a lot of value to customers, increasing productivity and reducing costs for EVN. In this roadmap, EVN desperately needs effective support from its partners in the process of implementing the awareness transformation activities chain on digital transformation.

Professor Julie Cogin - Vice President of RMIT University thanked and emphasized that RMIT believes that EVN and RMIT will become important partners of each other, together contributing value to Vietnam's energy industry in the future.

EVN Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam speaks at the opening of the Workshop.

At the workshop, Associate Professor Nguyen Quang Trung - Head of the Administration Department, Faculty of Business and Administration, RMIT University introduced important concepts of digital transformation, starting from the distinction between digitalization and digital transformation that many people may mistakenly believe. Accordingly, digitization is the step of converting information into digital form. This can be called the computerization step, which is a component of the digital transformation process. Meanwhile, digital transformation is a comprehensive change of business models and organizations based on advanced technology, continuous optimization and automation of business processes, departments and ecosystems of the hyper-connectivity age (between the front office and back office, data, people, team, technology, etc.).

According to Associate Professor Nguyen Quang Trung, there are 6 factors need to be kept in mind for the digital transformation implementation, which are governance - strategy - culture - technology and network security - data analysis - digital transformation capacity. At each different stage, each factor will play a different role.

At the end of the workshop, Professor Mathews Nkhoma - Head of the Faculty of Business and Administration, RMIT University updated the latest information on the digital transformation process in the energy industry, as well as highlighted the role of leadership in digital transformation.

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