EVN providing online electricity billing tool to its customers

The tool of online electricity billing is installed on the Group's website and customer care ones from 20th March 2019, so that customers can proactively access and calculate their electricity bill on their own in a simple and convenient way.

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According to EVN’s Department of Business, the billing tool is not only used to support customers in calculating their monthly bills but also particularly useful for them to refer to and check their electricity bills in the months adjusted on electricity price.

The electricity billing tool is installed at EVN’s website: https://www.evn.com.vn/c3/calc/Cong-cu-tinh-hoa-don-tien-dien-9-172.aspx; also, integrated in the websites of EVN’s 5 Customer Care Centers.

In addition, EVN also provides QR code, making it easy for customers to access and use the tool on mobile devices.

This tool helps calculate electricity bills for customers using power for domestic activities (households) and other kinds of customer such as: Business, Production, Administrative and service delivery units, Offices, Hospitals, Rural/urban wholesale, Trade – service - living complexes.

Interface of tool of calculating electricity bills for customers at website evn.com.vn

The tool is designed with criteria of a friendly, easy-to-use interface which is appropriate to every kind of customer.

Customers only need to enter input data, the tool will automatically “"process” and display the results, helping customers to clearly know the method of calculating electricity bills, thereby, helping them understand and feel secure about EVN’s accurate, clear and transparent method of calculating electricity bills.

This is one of EVN’s efforts in improving their quality of customer service, being ready to provide their customers with services and utilities under the motto “3 easy things”: Easy to access - Easy to participate - Easy to monitor.

EVN’s Department of Business recommends, in the process of using the tools; or in case of any question about electricity services, customers can directly contact the 5 Customer Care Centers for promptly handling at any time.

  • 20/03/2019 11:10
  • evn.com.vn