EVNHANOI diversifies propaganda methods on safe and economical electricity use and fire protection and prevention

Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) has diversified its propaganda channels to attract people's attention to minimize the risks of electrical unsafe and accidents while raising awareness and knowledge for people about safe and economical electricity use and fire protection and prevention.

EVNHANOI has implemented many solutions to propagate electricity saving and electricity safety to people. Units under the Corporation actively coordinate with local authorities to propagate in villages and residential groups. The content mainly focuses on the risks of electrical unsafety for people and equipment, causes, solutions, and emergency measures for people suffering from electric shock through visual images, vivid video clips, and easy-to-understand situational questions with attractive and meaningful gifts. The rich propaganda content and vivid, easy-to-understand communication have helped customers pay more attention to solutions to ensure electrical safety.

EVNHANOI propagating electrical safety at Bat Trang Primary School, Gia Lam, Hanoi

As the first unit in Vietnam Electricity to pioneer the implementation of electricity-saving propaganda for students, up to now, EVNHANOI has deployed thousands of electricity-saving propaganda sessions to schools in the capital.

EVNHANOI selects basic and concise knowledge about electricity saving and electricity safety to help teachers and students improve awareness and skills about safe and economical electricity use in schools and families. Through propaganda sessions, students not only know how to save electricity in daily activities but have become active propagandists to mobilize relatives and social communities, spreading awareness on economic, safe, and effective electricity use to everyone.

EVNHANOI propagates content on social networks such as Zalo, Facebook, EVNHANOI App, etc.

EVNHANOI also directed district power companies to regularly organize mobile propaganda campaigns and propaganda on loudspeakers in residential areas on how to use electricity safely; distribute leaflets, place banners, hoardings, and posters with slogans to mobilize people to use electricity economically and effectively in crowded places such as schools, markets, hospitals, entertainment areas, etc. The Corporation also deploys activities on propaganda, informing, and advising people on electricity safety ensuring measurements in Newspaper, Radio, and Television; and Social networks such as Zalo, Facebook, App EVNHANOI, and so on.

  • 23/11/2023 11:38
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