EVNSPC: The target of further gaining by 300,000 customers in 2018

This is one of the targets on business and customer services set by Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) for in the year 2018.

With this target, EVNSPC will increase its total number of customers in the southern region (excluding Ho Chi Minh City) to over 7.9 million.

One of the major solutions is that the Corporation will continually coordinate with local authorities to implement procedures of medium-voltage power supply under the "one-stop-shop" mechanism and handle electricity services in the Public Administrative Center; interconnect with the website providing online public services of each locality.

In 2017, EVNSPC realized and surpassed 14 targets as planned. Highlight results include: Recovering power supply after incident reached 1.4 hours/2 hours; notice on the emergency power supply reduction ỏ outage made 3.2 hours/12 hours; resolving customer requests on electricity meter at 1.4 days/3 days, etc.

EVNSPC also applied electronic devices in distance measurement in power supply surveys, utilized most of in-field mobile devices for power supply, thereby shortening the power supply time for its customers. Specifically, the Corporation has handled the power supply to 8,702 customers buying power from the medium-voltage power grid in an average time of 4.3 days, lower than the Group’s regulation (7 days).

The Corporation also implements online payment gateways linked to 23 banks and intermediary payment institutions, after customer’s payment made, the electricity bill will be automatically updated in maximum of 15 minutes, minimizing the possibility of overlapping collection.

In 2017, customer satisfaction for EVNSPC is 8 points, increasing by 0.37 point compared with 2016 and 0.15 point higher than the plan assigned by EVN; the figure for the Customer Care Center is 8.29.

At the Summation Conference of business and customer services in 2017, implementation of the tasks and plans in 2018 of EVNSPC, the Group’s leaders requested EVNSPC to further promote the application of science and technology, online payment of electricity bills, towards supplying public services at level 4; study and develop typical models of energy service companies (ESCO) in order to duplicate and promote electric power saving, thus reducing the investment pressure for Electricity sector as well as bringing in benefits to customers.

Some targets and plans of EVNSPC in 2018:

- Commercial power: 66.1 billion kWh, increasing by 9.62% over 2017;

- Power supply reliability: SAIDI: 880 minutes, SAIFI: 5.92 times, MAIFI: 2.0 times;

- Customer satisfaction level: Striving to achieve > 8.00 points;

- Electricity access index: plan assigned by EVN is  <7 working days, striving for better performance in 2017;

- Reducing 5% electricity bills directly paid at customer’s house;

- Labour productivity on electric power production and trading: reaching 378 customers/labour and 3.18 million kWh/labour.

  • 09/02/2018 03:01
  • evn.com.vn