EVNSPC has well performed the community work in 2019

In 2019, together with the good implementation of production and business targets, the Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) has effectively implemented many social security programs and community activities in 21 Southern provinces, contributing to helping people living in difficult circumstances but rising up in life.

Specifically, in 2019, the Corporation has presented 272 gratitude houses, charity houses, “great unity” houses built by the Corporation; supporting in maintaining 40 Vietnamese heroic mothers; supporting the construction and repair of 41 union houses; implementing the program "Free water bottles" for people to refresh themselves in the hot summer days of 2019, etc.

EVNSPC maintaining regular activities of visiting, giving gifts, encouraging policy families, poor households, etc., in 2019.

Especially, in the Customer Gratitude Month - December 2019, the Corporation and its member units have installed galvanometers free of charge for more than 2,100 poor households, performed more than 100  "Lighting the countryside" works, installing rooftop solar power systems in many localities and units in 21 provinces and cities in the South, etc. Thousands of officials and employees of units of EVNSPC participated in the blood donation events during the 5th EVN Pink Week, creating a wide spread and showing responsibility of the Power sector to the community.

According to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc - General Director of EVNSPC, in addition to ensuring power supply for economic development, national defense and security, the Corporation has saved production and business costs to support the construction of gratitude houses and charity houses for families of veterans and martyrs, revolutionary families, poor people and employees living in difficulty circumstances throughout 21 southern provinces and cities, carried out many activities of social security, shared with the community, integrate the interests of the community into the development goals of the Corporation.

In addition, EVNSPC has performed well the role of a "green" enterprise, which is showed in its commitment to environmental protection, by prioritizing the use of advanced, eco-friendly technologies in production, business; at the same time, responding, mobilizing and encouraging all employees to raise awareness and actively participate in environmental protection activities, using renewable energy, and responding to climate change; preserving and developing the living environment at the corporation as well as in the community, etc.

Programs towards community that shares and empathizes with the poor and disadvantaged people are the cultural tradition features of EVNSPC. In the coming time, EVNSPC will continue to implement social security programs to contribute to spreading the culture values of EVNSPC to the community. 

  • 17/01/2020 02:54
  • evn.com.vn