Enhancing customer satisfaction: EVN being on the right direction!

The evaluation results on power customer satisfaction have continually increased over the years, from 6.45/10 points (2013) to 7.97 points (2017). The customers’ recognition has shown that EVN's strategy and solutions in the fields of business and customer service has been on the right direction, bringing practical effectiveness.

Taking shortcut in technology

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung - Head of EVN Business Department said that in the period 2013 - 2017, only in the field of business, customer service, EVN has developed and deployed 27 modern softwares, typically Customer Information Management System CMIS 2.0; the software for payment and debit finalization of electronic bills via POS devices/tablets, etc; Thus, EVN has become the first enterprise in Vietnam to successfully convert all paper bills into electronic forms for their customers. EVN is also the first infrastructure economic sector to provide 100% online services.

Bravely using modern technologies has helped EVN improve the reliability of power supply, at the same time, make it easier for customers to access, participate and monitor electricity services. As a result, EVN continuously "gets noticed" by customers. Survey results from the independent consultancy units show that customers highly appreciate EVN's efforts in terms of: Stable, uninterrupted power supply, convenient electricity bill payment, increasingly professional business image, etc.

In the field of customer care, although Customer care Centers of the Power sector have just been established for a long time, thanks to taking shortcut of technology, effectively applying of Telephone exchange, connecting the website with customer care software CRM, CMIS software, using chatbot – applying artificial intelligence in consulting, serving customers, etc., thus bringing effective access, services for customers. EVN also uses modern communication channels such as Webchat, SMS system, Zalo social network, facebook fanpage, CC application on smart phones with Android, iOS operating systems, etc., to update information to customers.

Thanks to using a wide range of communication channels, EVN can promptly acquire and listen to customers’ feedbacks in all 63 provinces and cities throughout the country, timely renovate its services meeting customers' needs. At the same time, continuously communicating, two-way interacting also helps customers understand, closely coopearte and increasingly agree with the Power sector.

EVN striving to dedicatedly, professionally serve customers

Breakthrough in service thinking

According to the survey results, in addition to modern, high quality services, increasingly friendly and enthusiastic service attitude of staffs in the Sector have made customers more confident and satisfied. Changing the customer serving thought is considered to be a strategic step of EVN to be closer to power users.

In fact, many units under EVN pay a special attention to the serving style of their employees when communicating with customers. Mr. Le Van Tuong, Director of EVNCPC's Center for Customer Care said: "The center frequently calls customers for the satisfaction level survey. As a result, most of customers are satisfied with enthusiastic, thoughtful attitude from staffs of the Sector”. The innovation thinking of EVN's serving style is reflected in the real spirit of expectation and devotion. From 2013 up to now, EVN has continuously hired independent consulting units, surveyed customer satisfaction, received the compliments and complaints from customers. In 2017, EVN also co-operated with VCCI to determine the satisfaction level of private and FDI enterprises in services of the Sector. Its high expectation in self-satisfaction motivates EVN to go further on the path to conquer satisfaction of electricity users. The economist Nguyen Minh Phong: I highly appreciate the target set by EVN aimed at the satisfaction of power users. The Power sector has fundamentally changed in service quality, meeting the expectations of customers. Especially, EVN has actively applied information technology into business activities, meeting the demand for electronic services development as well as digital technology requirements in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

Ms. Hoang Thi Thuy Nga - Director of Market Research Services, OCD Consultancy and Management Company: Scores of customer satisfaction on EVN gradually and continuously increasing over the years is evidence that EVN has been on right direction in the fields of business, customer services. From this result, EVN needs to maintain and promote innovations in electricity bill payment, improve quality of power, customer care, etc., at the same time continuously provide prompt information to power users, develop a modern, professional image in the community.


  • 20/04/2018 04:35
  • evn.com.vn