Further strongly applying science and technology, improving quality of customer services

That is the direction given by Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh at the Conference of deploying business tasks and customer services in 2019. The conference took place on 20th February 2019, was online connected from the Group’s headquarters (Ha Noi) to more than 500 gateways at headquarters of Power corporations and Power units throughout the country.

In 2019: Striving to reach the finish line in some targets earlier than the set time

Emphasizing on saving power and load regulation being one of the key tasks in 2019, Chairman of EVN’s Member Council required the units to promote the installation of 3-price-rate meters for their customers; strengthen propagandizing and mobilizing customers to save power; actively participate in load regulation programs.


Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh giving directions at conference

At the same time, the Group’s leaders required Power units to achieve some targets in 1 year earlier than the set time in the plan for 2016 - 2020 period such as: Power supply reliability, power loss, promoting non-cash payment for electricity bills, etc.

Also, the power access target shall be kept up in the 4 highest ones in ASEAN. The Power corporations also need positive preparation to be ready to get in the competitive electricity retail market in accordance with the Government's schedule.

The Power Corporations need to improve their labor productivity, strongly apply modern technologies and achievements from the industrial revolution 4.0 in order to maximize their production and business efficiency and improve customer service quality, promptly turning EVN into a digital enterprise.

EVN’s General Director Tran Dinh Nhan and EVN’s Deputy General Director Vo Quang Lam co-chairing Conference

Impression of innovation and success

At the Conference, EVN’s General Director Tran Dinh Nhan acknowledged and praised all the staffs and employees of the Power corporations for properly completing all the tasks assigned by the Group in 2018, thereby contributing to creating a beautiful and innovational image of the Group, being recognized by leaders of the Party, the State and the people.

Specifically, the Group completed the task of securing power for the country's socio-economic development and serving the people’s demand for domestic activities. In 2018, the commercial power output of EVN was 192.36 billion kWh, increasing by 10.14% compared to that of 2017 and 1.82 billion kWh higher than the planned target. 100% of communes across the country have been supplied with power. The power supply to islands district and remote areas was continued to be properly implemented by the Group.

The power quality is increasingly improved. For power supply reliability indicators, EVN’s performance was better than the target in its assigned plan. In which, the System average interruption duration index (SAIDI) in 2018 was 724.48 minutes/customer, a decrease of 304.3 minutes/customer compared to that of 2017.

EVN’s General Director Tran Dinh Nhan granting the Honor Board to Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation - unit with outstanding achievements in improving index of power access

Especially, Vietnam's power access index in 2018 ranked 27/190 economies, 37-grade higher than that of 2017. With this result, the index of power access has been one of the 4 highest ones in ASEAN, completed 2 years ahead of the target set by the Government; contributing to increasing Vietnam’s rank in business environment improvement in the context of ranking reduction in many other component indexes.

For customer services, EVN not only changes its mindset and service attitude but also takes full advantage of modern technologies, improves its quality and diversifies its services. From December 2018, EVN officially provided online electricity service at level 4 - equivalent to the highest level in online public service provision under the Government's regulations.

EVN connected electricity service provision to Public Administration Center and Online public service portal at 63/63 provinces/cities.


Chairman of EVN’s Member Council Duong Quang Thanh granting Emulation flags to units with outstanding achievements in fulfilling business targets - Customer services in 2018

The work of taking care and consulting customers through two-way information channels such as switchboard, zalo, facebook, application, etc., is actively implemented by EVN's customer care centers.  The forms of electricity bill payment are also modernized, diversified, bringing many conveniences for customers.

In 2018, the Power corporations continued to maintain and extensively implement power saving programs, consulted over 8 million customers in using power,  attracting more than 5 million households to participate in power saving programs, etc.

With these efforts, the satisfaction level of power users throughout EVN was 8.11/10 points, an increase of 0.14 point compared to that of 2017 (7.97 points).

Praising the achievements made by the power distribution block, EVN’s General Director Tran Dinh Nhan required the Power corporations to emulate and continue more strongly implementing the tasks assigned by the Group, focusing on  properly conducting transactions between Power units and their customers.

Some business - customer services targets in 2019 of EVN:

  • Commercial power: 211.95 billion kWh, an increase of 9.9% compared to that of 2018.
  • Power supply reliability: strive to decrease SAIDI to ≤ 400 minutes
  • The Group’s total power loss rate: 6.7%, a decrease of 0.2% compared to that of 2018, striving to reduce to 6.5%.
  • Index of power access: Strive to rank at least 24/190 countries, economies in the world and maintain its position of ASEAN 4.
  • Labour productivity: increasing by over 10%.
  • Electricity bill collection rate ≥ 99.7%; the rate of non-cash electricity bill payment ≥ 15%.

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