“Implementing solutions drastically, not letting incidents occur due to subjective reasons”

This is one of the guiding opinions of EVN’s Vice President Ngo Son Hai at the meeting with Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company (Tra Vinh province) on October 12, on solutions to ensure safe operation and stabilize thermal power plants.

EVN’s Vice President Ngo Son Hai chairing the meeting

The company's power production in the first 9 months of 2023 is more than 7.7 billion kWh, reaching 95.32% of the yearly plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Economic and technical indicators continue to be well controlled. The plants are operating stably according to the mobilization of the National Power System Dispatch Center.

To prepare for power supply in the dry season of 2024, Vice President Ngo Son Hai requested Power Generation Corporation No.1/Duyen Hai Thermal Power Company to proactively coordinate with coal supply partners and implement Specific coal purchase contracts for each plant, ensuring the quality and quantity of coal, complying with EVN's regulations on minimum inventory levels, and supplying sufficient coal for production in all cases.

EVN leaders asked the company to determine that maintaining the stable operation of power units is the most important political task, thereby making maximum efforts to keep the plants at the highest level of readiness. It is necessary to drastically deploy all solutions to improve the quality of the operating team and ensure proper operation of procedures and regulations; not let incidents occur due to subjective causes or repeat incidents; not let the capacity of generating units decrease; ensure sufficient fuel for operation; not let environmental incidents occur.

  • 20/11/2023 09:29
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