In 2019, over 43% of customers to make non-cash payment for electricity bills

Currently, Vietnam Electricity has managed over 27 million customers, with 91.64% of them using power for daily life; 8.35% of agencies and enterprises. The annual electricity bill collection of EVN is very high at a rate of over 99%.

In order to increase the utility for customers and improve labour productivity, EVN has implemented the collection of electricity bill payment through banks and intermediaries since 2005; signed cooperation agreements with 4 major banks (BIDV, VietcomBank, Vietinbank, AgriBank), etc. The ratio of electricity bill and revenue gained through banks and intermediaries has sharply increased over the years: From 14.88% total number of customers (in 2015) to 44.95% (in 2017) and 49.45% of (in 2018).

However, in the period from 2005 - 2011, due to not high ratio of customers participating in payment of electricity bills through banks, intermediaries, power company’s staffs still had to collect electricity bill payment at customers’ houses. In the period of 2012 - 2015, after the policy of implementing electronic invoices, EVN is the first enterprise in the country to pilot and apply the invoices for all power users, they can get electricity bills via the Power sector’s customer care website as well as receive invoices via their e-mail addresses.

After completing the application of electronic invoices, since 2016, in order to improve labour productivity and customer service quality, the target on collecting electricity bill payment through banks & intermediaries has been a part of quantitative criteria for annual operation of the Group. This promotion is implemented through solutions to strengthen cooperation with Banks, Intermediaries of payment or payment service provision via e-wallet, online payment gateway for setting up various payment channels serving customers. In 2017, thanks to the cooperation with 27 banks and 10 intermediaries, staffs of power companies under EVN no longer had to collect the payment at customers’ house.

Implementing the Government’s Scheme on Developing non-cash payment in Vietnam in the period of 2016 - 2020 and tasks assigned by the Government to EVN in Resolution No. 02/NQ-CP dated 1st January 2019 on the content related to the payment as well as providing level-4 online services, currently, 100% of the Sector’s units cooperated with most banks and the State Treasury in collecting electricity bill, and at the same time, expanded cooperation with intermediaries such as ECPay, Payoo, Momo, VNPay, Zalopay, Viettel, VNPost, Napas, etc. These are all licensed by the State Bank to provide intermediary payment services (in cash/ via e-wallet).

When making payment through banks & intermediaries, customers can select one of the following forms:

 • Auto debt deduction payment via account: Customers register with banks/ intermediaries to allow them automatically deducting money from customers’ accounts to pay electricity bills.

• Payments via internet banking/mobile banking/e-wallet of companies providing payment services: Customers themselves manipulate transfers for electricity bill payment via the Internet without going to any transaction counter.

• Payment by UNC: customers set up a UNC or a standing order to extract money from their payment deposit account to pay monthly electricity bills to Power units.

• Payments at banks’ transaction offices (cash or bank transfer); cash payment at convenient collection points such as: Supermarkets, shops of payment service companies.

By the diversification of payment forms and towards the goal of not using cash, EVN’s collection of electricity bills has achieved positive results. By the end of 2018, there had been 49.45% of EVN’s customers participating in payment via banks and intermediaries; over 21.74% participating in forms of non-cash collection such as automatic debt deduction, ATM, online banking, UNT/UNC, etc. These corresponding figures by the end of May 2019 were 52.36% and over 27.37%. The areas with high ratio of non-cash customers are Ho Chi Minh City (91.61%) and Hanoi City (81.98%).

In order to achieve the target on doubling the number of customers using non-cash payment in 2019 assigned by the Government (corresponding to over 43% of EVN’s customers), the member units of the Group are actively coordinating with People’s Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Government in mobilizing staffs and employees at units that receive salary from the state budget, state-owned enterprises managed by People’s Committees of the provinces and cities to make non-cash payment for electricity bills such as: Automatic debt deduction, SMS and mobile banking, internet banking, e-wallet, payment order/encashment order and online payment on power units’ website, etc., promoting the propagation for power users on making payment for electricity bills by non-cash method, give priority to payment solutions to mobile devices, devices of card acceptance, supporting the dissemination and propaganda on the use of level-4 electricity services for customers to know and use.


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