EVNHES automated metering software won Sao Khue 2019 prize

The software is designed and developed by the Information and Communications Technology Company of Vietnam Electricity (EVNICT) based on advanced technology platform, meeting automated meter reading requirements. This is a distinctive IT product which receives the prize "Sao Khue 2019".

Unifying the metering system within Vietnam Electricity

The main function of EVNHES software is to acquire and process metering data automatically throughout the whole EVN. The software has been developed since 2015, accepted in 2017 and widely applied in EVN’s member units for the last 2 years.

EVNHES software is designed and developed on the basis of the advanced IoT platform (Internet of Things), meeting automated meter reading requirements of EVN. The software system has the function of reading electronic meters: Setting up a list of measuring and metering points, analyzing and processing data, monitoring data acquisition. The system allows connecting, integrating with MDMS software, EVN’s metering data warehouse, CMIS, PMIS, and thereby integrating metering data used in the process of calculating electricity bills, developing grid database, load researching.

Overall model of deploying EVNHES software system

Mr. Nguyen Viet Tung, Head of the Software Development Project said: “Previously, EVN’s member units used 5 - 6 different metering systems to manage electronic meters (due to different technologies of meter manufacturers). Therefore, the biggest difficulty when development EVNHES is how to apply a uniform metering tool for all types of meters on the grid that EVN is using”. After being developed, the software has been applied by EVN at 5 Power Corporations and the National Power Transmission Corporation, including 2 million power meters on the grid.

“Such a consistent data acquisition will help member units easily monitor and inclusively handle their jobs, no need to consolidate information from many different systems and contribute to improving the transparency, increasing labor productivity for users, greatly facilitate the meter reading and recording as well as electricity bill issuance”- Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung, Director of EVN’s Business Department said about the usefulness of this software.

Representative of the Information and Communications Technology Company of Vietnam Electricity received Sao Khue 2019 prize

Building data centers

On the basis of the volume of metering data to be managed, the need to exploit metering data of power corporations, the ability to meet data transmission channels, a preliminary design report of Metering Data Center has been developed for corporations, which is able to share data through MDMS, CMIS and other systems. Thereby, it has supported the establishment of a metering data center at power distribution and transmission corporations. Expectedly in 2019, EVNHES will be applied at 5 million data metering points; from 2020 to 2022, EVNHES will be deployed at 25 million metering points across the whole EVN's power grid.

Some outstanding advantages of EVNHES software:

* The only product in the market that can read all types of meters on the grid.

* A product that is integrated with meter protocols in the world such as DLMS, IEC62056-21, DLT645.

* Ability to two-way connect with MDMS system of Landis & Gyr according to IEC-CIM standard.

  • 11/06/2019 10:25
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