In order to minimize impact of hydropower on environment

Hydropower is a clean energy source with low cost prices. The process of constructing and operating plants, however, can affect the living environment of the people. In order to minimize the negative impacts on the surrounding environment, what did hydropower plants do?

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh - Director of Hoa Binh Hydropower Company:

Implement environmental monitoring twice a year

The supervision of environmental protection has been paid special attention to by the Company over the past years. Its leaders regularly inspect the implementing regulations on environmental management and protection. Employees must always be aware of responsibility in protecting the environment at the working location and production site.

Every 6 months, the Company performs environmental monitoring work in accordance with regulations, updates data, makes comparison and analysis, assesses environment’s quality (air, surface water, groundwater, waste water) at production locations; properly collect and treat hazardous wastes mainly generated from the process of maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment and machinery spare parts.

At the temporary storage, hazardous waste is checked and classified in groups before being arranged in separate areas by partitions. At each cell containing hazardous wastes, their names, codes, warning and prevention signs have to be showed in accordance with regulations.

Mr. Doan Tien Cuong - Director of Ialy Hydropower Company:

Promote propaganda for water environment protection of reservoir-bed

The company is currently managing 3 hydropower plants including Ialy, Pleikrong and Se San 3. These plants all have large reservoirs on the Se San river, playing a crucial role in flood and drought control for downstream area, at the same time, supply large power output for the national power system. These reservoirs also supply irrigation water for agriculture, serving the local people to work in aquaculture on the reservoirs.

Over many years, the Company has closely cooperated with local authorities and residential communities living in the reservoir-bed area to propagate and raise awareness among the people about the role of hydropower, as well as environmental protection, water sources and anti-invasion in reservoir-bed.

Mr. Do Minh Loc - Deputy General Director of Da Nhim Joint Stock Company - Ham Thuan - Da Mi:

Use water in economical and effective manner

In order to operate plants in  harmonization with power generation, flood control and downstream water supply benefits to be ensured, the Company annually reviews and updates the Coordination Regulation between the Company and the Steering Committees for Disaster Prevention and Control, Search and Rescue (DPC & SR) in Lam Dong and Binh Thuan provinces and hydro-meteorological stations in the region.

Before, during and after the rainy and  stormy season, the Company always closely coordinates in inspection and patrol, etc., in the downstream area. In the process of regulating flood in reservoirs, leaders of the Steering Committees, the Company and localities directly participate in providing instructions at operation centers of the dams. Additionally, the information channels on reservoirs and downstream areas are always ensured to work in transparent, uninterrupted and timely conditions.

 The Company always focuses on periodical and irregular inspection for the safety corridor management in reservoirs. In the dry season, the Company actively cooperates with the local authorities of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan provinces to prepare detailed plans on water using demand in order to ensure the goal: Saving and efficiency.

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