Installing AMR meters: A step in EVNHANOI's digital transformation

With the desire of more than 2.8 million customers can easily access, participate, and monitor power supply services in the area, Hanoi Power Corporation (EVNHANOI) has constantly made efforts, gradually applying digital technology to business activity, especially the introduction of AMR (automatic meter reading) meters.

The introduction of an electronic meter system featuring a remote data collection function that automatically collects data to computers, analyzing and exploiting electricity index data through applications and software has completely eliminated previous manual reading meters.

With remote data collection technology of the electronic meters, customers can monitor power consumption, as well as the daily power consumption index through the customer care application on smartphones at any time. Thereby, making power bills transparent and helping customers proactively use power most economically and effectively.

Transparent and convenient AMR meter

The development of mobile apps such as the EVNHANOI App has truly created a major breakthrough. Thanks to successfully exploiting data from AMR meters, the EVNHANOI App has transparently and accurately provided a daily power consumption index for each customer. Therefore, customers not only clearly understand power consumption, reduce unnecessary doubts and questions about electricity index and power bills during peak summer months, but can also proactively monitor their power usage situation, thereby adjusting their power usage methods more economically and efficiently.

In addition to the benefits for customers, using AMR meters also helps the Power sector reduce the labor required to record meter readings, contributing to increased labor productivity. With regular data collection frequency, the Power sector’s staff can easily monitor the operating parameters of each measuring point, the parameters of current, voltage, the situations of overcurrent, full load, dephasing, etc. to timely make handling plans, minimize incidents, ensuring safe power supply and improving reliable power supply.

To date, EVNHANOI has installed AMR meters for 100% of power customers. The deployment of the AMR meter system at EVNHANOI shows a rapid change in the management and operation of the power system - from converting the manual model to semi-automatic and automatic in data collection to processing and analyzing the obtained data. From there, contributing to improving the quality of business services, aiming at customer satisfaction so that customers are "easy to access, participate in, and monitor".

Proactively controlling power consumption not only helps customers use power more efficiently but also saves on power costs. If customers in Hanoi have any questions while using the EVNHANOI App, please contact hotline 19001288 (24/7 service) for support, advice, and answers.

  • 23/11/2023 11:31
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