Introducing power supply services into public administration centers: A fascinating model needs to be replicated

As a pioneer in introducing power supply services into public administration centers at all levels, Quang Ninh Power Company (Quang Ninh PC) has shortened the getting electricity duration; the rate of procedure processing on time and ahead of time is over 99% ...

One door principle

Customers register to buy electricity at Quang Ninh Provincial Public Administrative Center

In execution of the policy of Northern Power Corporation on realizing "one door procedure" between the power sector and state management agencies in order to improve the getting electricity index and shorten procedure processing duration to supply electricity to customers, from July 10, 2017, Quang Ninh Power Company has introduced new power supply services into the provincial public administration center of Quang Ninh province and 14  public administration centers of districts, towns and cities. Quang Ninh PC and its subsidiaries have arranged their employees to work at public administration centers at all levels in order to receive customers’ requests and advise customers how to register for electricity supply, etc.

Through surveys, most of the people are satisfied with this approach of Quang Ninh PC. Especially, over 99% customers’ requests have been addressed on time or ahead of time by the power sector. Mr. Trinh Ngoc Dung from Quang Ninh Industrial Construction Joint Stock Company shared when completing procedures for registering power supply for his dedicated substation: "Previously, we had to go to the power company to fulfill procedures, then go to relevant departments and agencies for registration. Now I have to go to the only "one door" which is the public administration center, as a result saving a lot of time and efforts of mine".

In order to accelerate the power supply, Quang Ninh PC has initiatively applied the social network zalo in receiving applications and transmitting information to relevant departments for coordination; thanks to that, optimizing the time in comparison with the previous approach of manually transmitting applications and information. Once working teams finish their works on field and hand over to customers, the dossiers will be sent back to reception sections at public administration centers at all levels via zalo, or being updated or closed via software.

By December 2017, after more than three months of launching power supply services in public administration centers at all levels, the getting electricity duration of Quang Ninh PC has been shortened. In particular, in the first nine months of 2017, the duration of processing customers’ requests for electricity supply via medium voltage grids by Quang Ninh PC was 5.8 days on average; during three months from July to September 2017 alone (since the power supply service was provided in public administration centers), the procedure handling duration was reduced to only 4.28 days.

Openness, transparency

The reception of power supply applications at public administration centers of Quang Ninh PC demonstrates efforts of innovation, openness and transparency in production and business activities of the power industry.

Particularly, public administration centers make monthly records of on time, ahead of time and overdue procedure handling duration by relevant organizations, departments and agencies in order to take prompt remedial actions to those having high rate of overdue procedures. The introduction of power supply services into public administration centers at all levels is a great effort of Quang Ninh PC to improve the getting electricity indicator and enhance the national competitiveness according to Resolution 19 of the Government. As a service provider conventionally being considered monopoly, Quang Ninh PC has bravely expressed the openness, transparency, in the spirit of taking customer service as a measure for all activities of the company.

From July 10 to October 10, 2017, Quang Ninh PC received 3,187 applications for new power supply at public administration centers at all levels.

Mr. Ho Quang Huy - Vice Chairman of Ha Long City People's Committee: We highly appreciate the efforts of Quang Ninh PC to introduce power supply services into public administration centers at all levels. It is hoped that, with the support of the authorities at all levels, 100% of administrative procedures of the power sector will be implemented in public administration centers in the future.

  • 08/12/2017 05:43