Islands in Truong Sa archipelago guaranteed 24/24 power supply

EVN has completed replacement of accumulator and maintenance of clean energy system on the islands of Truong Sa archipelago right before 2018 Lunar New Year. The Naval Command confirmed that: “This is a great encouragement from EVN to the soldiers in Truong Sa”.

Survey on solar panel system before replacement, maintenance on the islands of Truong Sa archipelago - Photo: Ngoc Tuan

Following the direction of the Government, EVN officially received the clean energy system on Truong Sa archipelago and DK1 frame-house (Cluster of economics-science-technical services) in late July 2017. With the electric system on the islands, a lot of accumulators that have been in use for more than five years have reduced their charge capacity. Right after receiving, EVN immediately implemented necessary procedures for early accumulator replacement and maintenance of clean energy system on the islands. Because of its geographic location being far from the mainland and consisting of a lot of islands and island points, locating over the large sea area, the supply of power to Truong Sa archipelago and DK1 frame-house is much more difficult than that in other islands, which is also naturally very difficult. Based on evaluating the quality and status of equipment on the whole Truong Sa and DK1 frame-house’s power system, the total investment capital for repairing and replacing for repairing, upgrading of equipment on the islands, island points DK1 frame-house are hundreds of billions. Naval Command handed over clean energy and lighting systems on Truong Sa and DK1 frame-house to EVN to manage and operate under the Government’s direction, which will create favorable conditions for repairing replacing, recovering capacity of the systems, significantly contributing  to meeting the demand for electricity, improving the quality of life for the people and the army on the island points and DK1 frame-house, as well as enhancing the defense effectiveness in order to protect the marine and island sovereignty of the country.

In recent years, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is not only responsible for ensuring power supply to the country's socio-economic development but also implements many important political tasks of supplying power to remote, rural, mountainous and island areas, which has contributed to socio-economic development and maintenance of national defense, security and sovereignty. Until now, EVN has received, managed operation, invested thousands of billions dong to ensure power supply in 11 island districts of the whole country, including Truong Sa island district with many scattered islands.

  • 13/02/2018 03:06