Joining hand to protect reservoir safety corridor of Son La, Lai Chau Hydropower Plants

The Youth Union of Son La Hydropower Company in cooperation with its peers of Muong La district (Son La) and Nam Nhun district (Lai Chau) organized a propaganda program to protect downstream reservoir-bed semi-flooded and areas of Son La and Lai Chau Power Plants.

The two venues for the propaganda program are Chieng Hoa commune, Muong La district, Son La province and Nam Nhun town, Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province. The targeted objects of propaganda include: Pupils, people, officials of mass organizations in the locality, etc.

Propaganda sessions attracting a large number of local people and pupils

In the form of contesting for knowledge (including information relating to Viet Nam Electricity, Son La Hydropower Company, rules/regulations on management, protection and exploitation of natural resources and environment in hydropower reservoirs; content of signboards and warning loudspeaker systems, skills to save people drowning, shocked by electric power and handling overturned boats), the participating teams proactively conducted studies, thereby becoming good communicators in their villages and communes.

Additionally, Son La Hydropower Company also donated 70 gifts for outstanding poor pupils with value of VND 300,000/gift at each location.

Son La Hydropower Company is currently managing Son La Hydropower Plant (surface water area of 224km2) and Lai Chau Hydropower Plant (surface water area of 39.6km2).

According to Mr. Khuong The Anh - Deputy Director of the Company, over the past time, the restricted area of reservoir-beds managed by the Company had been violated, encroached. It was dangerous to violators themselves in case of flood discharge from reservoirs or changes in water level, as well as could cause serious influence in  the operation of hydropower reservoir. Thus, the propaganda on protection of reservoir corridor, downstream reservoir-bed semi-flooded and areas of Lai Chau and Son La Hydropower Plants is very necessary.

  • 07/12/2018 11:05