Leaders of Electricity of Cambodia visited EVN

On July 5th, at the headquarter of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), EVN CEO Mr. Dang Hoang An welcomed Mr. H.E Keo Rottanak – CEO of the Electricity of Cambodia (EDC).

Mr. Ngo Son Hai and Mr. Nguyen Tan Loc – EVN Deputy General Directors also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr.H.E Keo Rottanak - CEO of EDC appreciated the warm welcome of EVN and also expressed his pleasure in the long-term and good cooperation between the two parties.

Mr. H.E Keo Rottanak shared some key information about the operation of the electricity system in Cambodia. For years, EVN and EDC have made links to the power systems, bringing power from Vietnam to Cambodia through several regional connection points at borders. The purchased electricity from Vietnam has filled up the shortage of energy in Cambodia, which consequentially contributed to their socio-economic development.

On this occasion, both parties discussed about some issues in regard to system connection technique, safety measures at the connection points as well as progress of a number of hydropower projects on Se San river in Cambodia etc.

EVN CEO Mr. Dang Hoang An emphasized EVN would always appreciate the relationship between the two parties and hoped that in the future the relationship between EVN and EDC would continue to be strengthened in line with the stable economic development of the two countries.