NLDC publishes daily information about the next day's expected power generation mobilized by power source type

To enhance public and transparent information about the operation of the national power system, from 27 September 2021 onwards, at the end of every afternoon, the National Load Dispatch Center (NLDC-A0) will publish data on expected power generation mobilized by power source type on the next day at the times of low demand at noon and peak demand in the afternoon-evening.

The published data is posted on the NLDC’s website ( in the section: POWER SYSTEM >> Mobilized power generation.

In addition, the above information will be also posted by Vietnam Electricity from 27 September 2021 onwards on EVN's website ( in the section: Renewable Energy >> Calculated data on power system operation.

NLDC is pleased to announce.


  • 27/09/2021 03:11
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