Performance of August and targets and tasks of September 2019

In August 2019, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has met the stable and safe power supply for socio-economic development, and satisfied people’s daily needs as well as demands by events and activities organized in the 74th anniversary of the August Revolution and Independence Day of Vietnam on 2nd September. The power output for production and import in the whole system in August 2019 reached 21.26 billion kWh (averagely, 685.8 million kWh/day), increasing by 8.9% yoy. Accumulated for the first 8 months of 2019, the whole system’s power output reached 160.82 billion kWh, increasing by 10.86% compared with that of the same period in 2018. The total commercial power output of the whole EVN in August 2019 was estimated to reach 19.13 billion kWh; accumulated for the first 8 months of 2019, it was estimated to reach 139.06 billion kWh, increasing by 10.29% over the same period’s in 2018, of which the domestic commercial power output increased by 9.86%. Solar power output in August reached the average of 31.1 million kWh/day, accounting for about 4.5% of generated power output of the whole system.

The proactive response to Storms No. 3, 4 and the floods affected by tropical depressions in the Central region has been actively implemented by units to as quickly as possible remedy the power problems in the Northern and Central provinces.

According to the information updated until the end of August 2019, the water inflow rate of hydroelectric reservoirs was still low, mostly than the average for many years and in the same period in 2018, with the frequency ranging from 75-99%. Particularly, the hydroelectric reservoirs in the Da River basin was at the highest-level flood point of the season; however, no significant flood occurred, resulting in the lowest water inflow rate for the 30 years (since the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant was completed). As of 31 August 2019, the water level of 37 hydroelectric reservoirs of EVN was lower than that in the same period in 2018, of which 23 out of 26 reservoirs were applied with the water level under the Operating Procedures, which are also lower than that as prescribed. The total useful capacity in hydroelectric reservoirs was about 14.7 billion m3, which was about 11.2 billion m3 (equivalent to about 2.5 billion kWh of power) lower than that of the same period in 2018.

Regarding customer services: Up to now, 35 out of 63 provinces/cities have adopted an inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanism between state management agencies and the power sector in service of providing medium-voltage power to customers, including Hanoi city, Ho Chi Minh city, 14 Northern provinces, 10 Central provinces and 9 Southern provinces. In the first 8 months of the year, 8.2 million customers (accounting for 31% of the total customers) adopted the non-cash electricity bill payment. Power Corporations have worked with key power users (consuming over 3 million kWh/year) and entered into agreements for participating in the non-commercial Demand Response (DR) with 3,035 customers with the total potential reduction in peak electrical power of 1,552MW.

Regarding the Rooftop solar power development programme: As of August 31, 2019, 12,765 Rooftop solar power projects have been registered to sell electricity to EVN with the total output of 30.5 million kWh, 216MWp of which is the total capacity of customers’ rooftop solar power works. Meanwhile, Decision No. 11/QD-TTg on the incentive mechanism for solar power development has expired since 30 June 2019; however, so far, no further mechanism has been set out for the period after July 01, 2019. Therefore, the units have neither the legal basis to guide customers nor procedures for buying and selling electricity from new customers’ rooftop solar power projects. Currently, the Group is seeking for the guidance by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to conclude the power sales and purchase contracts with investors of rooftop solar power projects.

Regarding construction investment in power sources: In August 2019, the 30-day commissioning of the expanded Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Project was completed; the expanded Duyen Hai 3 Thermal Power Plant project continued to be implemented as scheduled. Regarding the power grid, accumulated for the first 08 months of 2019, EVN and the units have commenced 88 power projects of 110kV-500kV voltage; energized and put into operation 91 projects.

Regarding the divestment and equitization: the public auction of shares of the EVN Finance Joint Stock Company (EVN Finance) was conducted, with the successful sale of 16,250 million shares, estimated to earn VND 219.05 billion. The remaining shares are expected to be offered competitively and/or negotiated by the end of 2019. Until now, the divestment of EVN from JSCs has encountered no problems and succeeded in: EVN’s divestment from EVN Finance Joint Stock Company (EVN Finance) and EVN’s continued divestment from other remaining JSCs to meet the approved plans. Regarding the divestment from Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation – Joint Stock Company (EEMC), the State Securities Commission of Vietnam has so far agreed in writing upon EEMC’s auction. Recently, the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises has issued a Decision on approving the contractor selection result of Package TV01 “Consulting on enterprise valuation to equitize the Parent Company - EVNGENCO2.

Some tasks of EVN in September 2019

According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting, in September 2019, the water inflow level of reservoirs across the country is likely low, even lower than the average of many years and 2018.

In September 2019, the average daily power consumption of the whole system is expected at 682 million kWh/day, the largest load capacity is estimated at 36,550MW.

The operational targets of the power system in September 2019 are to continue strictly complying with process of inter-reservoir regulation; restrict exploitation of the Northern reservoirs (until September 15, 2019 when the flood season is ended) to meet the target water storage by the end of 2019; ensure the limited water level of other areas according to the process and requirements for downstream water supply in the localities; and maximize the exploitation of coal-fired thermal power and gas-fired power sources in line with the fuel supply capacity. The units strictly abide by the Group’s guidance on natural disaster prevention, search and rescue, ensure the safety for dams, hydropower projects and downstream areas during the flood season; and ensure safe and reliable operation of the transmission grid, especially the 500kV North-South system, in the condition of high-load power transmission to the South.

Regarding the construction investment in power sources: In September 2019, the remaining testing procedures and inauguration ceremony of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant will be organized; the remaining tests and preparation for commercial power generation of the expanded Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Project (3 months ahead the plan); and the Phuoc Thai 1 Solar Power project, etc., will be commenced at the best efforts.

In addition, in September 2019, EVN and its units will expand the provision of power services in electronic mode; pilot the connection of 2/20 services (medium-voltage power supply and electricity bill payment) to the National Public Service Portal  and continue to encourage customers to make non-cash payment, etc.


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