Pleikrong Hydropower Plant “reaching finish line” 3-month earlier

Pleikrong Hydropower Plant (Ialy Hydropower Company) has fully completed generating the power output assigned by the Viet Nam Electricity in 2018 (352 million kWh) in 3 months ahead of its schedule.

Chairman of Ialy Hydropower Company’s Trade Union Nguyen Van Binh (5th from left) presenting flowers to congratulate workers on duty at Pleikrong Hydropower Plant when plant early finishes production plan in 2018 - Photo: Ialy Hydropower Company

This is the first plant out of three plants under the management of Ialy Hydropower Company that has completed its production plan in 2018.

The plant has properly performed hydrological forecast, flexibly carried out the mobilization plan of the National Load Dispatch; shorten the time of repairing and maintaining the generator units.

From now to the end of 2018, the plant continues to ensure proper performance of regulating and storing water in reservoirs for power generation in 2019; the construction items are ensured to be absolutely safe, the equipment is always ready to operate for power generation.

Pleikrong Hydropower is the third plant located on the Se San River, managed and operated by Ialy Hydropower Company. The construction was commenced on 23 November 2003 with 2 generator units in total installed capacity of 100MW. From the grid connection of first generator unit to the National power grid (12 May 2009) to September 2018, the plant has generated over 3.5 billion kWh.

  • 25/09/2018 10:35