“Power from national grid making significant contribution to development of Moc Chau’s Agriculture”

This is the confirmation made by Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh - Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Office of Moc Chau District (Son La Province) when sharing about the development of agriculture sector in the Moc Chau plateau.

Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh - Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Office of Moc Chau District

Reporter: How has the development of Moc Chau District’s agriculture been in recent years?

Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh: With over 33,000 hectares of agricultural land, the Moc Chau plateau is very favourable for agricultural development with diversified crops and livestock. Particularly, in recent years, Moc Chau’s agriculture sector has strongly developed and made remarkable progresses thanks to effective application of science and technology into production.

Reporter: With increasing demand for applying science and technology to agricultural production which requires uninterrupted, stable power supply, what do you think about ensuring power in the locality?

Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh: In recent years, Moc Chau Power in particular, Son La Power Company in general have played a particularly-important role in creating momentum for the district’s agricultural to be developed.

Previously, dairy cow farming was manually performed so that its productivity and efficiency were not high; some households invested in generators but their costs were huge. Since the national power grid was developed, power quality has been ensured, dairy cow farming has been modernized and mechanized.

Besides, as Moc Chau is an area of highlands, its temperature sometimes drops under 0 degrees celsius. Thanks to power from the national grid, households have invested in purchasing heater system, air conditioners to create a good environment for healthy growth of cows, etc.

In livestock, power has also helped families invest in automatic irrigation system; lighting system, ventilators, air conditioners for flower, vegetable planting towards the modernization, bringing high productivity and economic efficiency, etc.

Reporter: As a power user in the locality, how can you assess about the service attitude of Moc Chau Power?

Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh: I highly assess the service quality as well as attitude of Moc Chau Power, particularly in recent years.

Currently, power quality in the locality has been very stable; excluding interrupted power supply due to objective incidents of natural disasters, storms and floods. However, after each incident, the unit’s staffs and employees really urgently handle and overcome all difficulties of topography, natural disasters to repair, supply power for living as well as production - business activities in the locality.

Reporter: Thank you so much!

  • 27/09/2018 10:51
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