Power sector working hard, customers get satisfied

That is shared by Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc - Deputy General Director of Southern Power Corporation (EVNSPC) after 5 years of implementing business and customer service strategy under the motto of “Customers are our existence.”

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc

Reporter: What is the result gained after 5 years of strong innovation in business and customer services of EVNSPC, Sir?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc: It is the thinking innovation from normal power supply to electricity service provision. Previously, in order to perform an electricity service, customers have to travel for 3 to 4 times or even more to Power unit. Currently, customers only need to go to Power unit only once. Even with online electricity service deployed from the end of 2017, customers only need to use a computer or smartphone with internet connection to register for electricity services without having to come to the Customer Transaction Office of Power units. Power units will proactively contact, meet all customers’ requirements, reduce the number of procedure as well as shorten travel time for customers.

EVNSPC also organizes the bill payment through electronic systems and intermediary organizations, giving customers more options for paying electricity bills. Power companies under management of EVNSPC have connected and implemented electricity services at local Public Administrative Centers. This solution not only creates conditions for customers to have more options in accessing electricity services, but also helps localities to improve their competitiveness and attract more investment capital. Today, the motto of “Easy to access - Easy to join - Easy to monitor” for customers has been implemented and made them more satisfied about electricity services.

Reporter: How is satisfaction of customers “measured”, Sir?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc: In order to objectively and transparently assess the satisfaction of customers, from 2013 up to now, EVNSPC has invited Independent and professional consulting units to conduct surveys in 21 southern provinces/cities. The results show that the score given by customers for satisfaction in electricity services has been continuously increased year by year. From the average score of 6.39/10 in the first survey (2013), by 2017, the customer satisfaction score for EVNSPC reached 8/10.

Monthly, the Customer Care Center of EVNSPC makes random calls to customers to collect comments about the service attitude of staffs and employees, telephonists of the Power sector to the requirements from customers. The results show that most customers are satisfied.

Reporter: What are the challenges in business and customer services in the coming years, Sir?

Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Duc: Requirements of customers on the reliability of power supply, professionalism in service attitude, utilities of electricity services are getting increasingly high; meanwhile, power loads in the South continue to grow while many power source projects are in slow progress of construction; management areas are mostly rural, mountainous and island ones, etc., which are also great challenges for EVNSPC.

Thoroughly understanding this difficulty, in the coming time, EVNSPC will continue to complete its infrastructure system of information technology; promote the application of science and technology into business activities and operation of power grid, contributing to improve the reliability of power supply as well as providing services and information to customers in the shortest time and most accurate manner.

Particularly, EVNSPC upgraded the version of customer care on mobile phones; including the additional feature of receiving online electricity services. With the current high rate of smartphone users, even in rural areas, this application is expected to help consumers more easily access online electricity services.

EVNSPC has instructed its units to coordinate with local Departments of Industry and Trade to reform administrative procedures in the form of “one-stop shop” in power supply, creating the most favourable conditions for power users.

In order to meet the demand on operating smart power grid in the era of  Industrial Revolution 4.0, EVNSPC has actively trained and fostered its workforce to become professional, capable to flexibly, smoothly and accurately apply and operate technologies in the system, etc.

Reporter: Thank you so much, Sir!

  • 05/12/2018 03:30
  • evn.com.vn