Ready for transmitting a massive amount of electricity at 20% growth rate

Mr. Vu Son Ha - Deputy Director of Hanoi Power Transmission Unit (under Power Transmission Company No.1) had a quick talk with about the preparation for transmitting a massive amount of electricity during the hot season in 2019.

Mr. Vu Son Ha - Deputy Director of Hanoi Power Transmission Department

Reporter: Could you please tell us how Hanoi Power Transmission Unit has prepared to ensure electricity supply to Hanoi and its neighboring provinces during the hot season of 2019?

Mr. Vu Son Ha: We manage and operate transmission grids in 5 provinces and cities including Hanoi, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh and Ha Nam. Before the hot season, we have had a thorough preparation in terms of supplies, equipment and manpower.

On March 31, 2019, Hanoi Power Transmission completed its periodic testing of equipment at all the substations under its management. This testing plan was set up at the end of 2018. Besides, Hanoi Power Transmission conducted heat and leakage current detection on porcelain insulators, backbone transmission lines to Hanoi and in substations in the city.

The unit has prepared 3 task-forces to do live-line washing when required. In particular, during this time, leaders, workers at substations, and linemen will be on duty 24/24h and be available at the highest when needed.

Reporter: How has the transmission capacity of transmission lines and substations been strengthened in order to best ensure electricity supply for the Capital?

Mr. Vu Son Ha: In recent years, the National Power Transmission has invested and constructed new substations, rehabilitated and upgraded power lines, forming closed loop circuits to ensure power supply for Hanoi and neighboring provinces.

Power Transmission Company No.1 and Hanoi Power Transmission Unit have paid a lot of attentions to completing the connection and installation of primary and secondary equipment at Chem, Ha Dong and Mai Dong 220kV substations. In parallel, T-shaped connection structures have been removed, new 110kV feeder equipment have been installed for Mai Dong 220kV substation; second 220kV – 250MVA transformers have been installed at Thuong Tin, Dong Anh, Bac Ninh 2, Bac Ninh 3 substations.

Hanoi Power Transmission Department is washing energized power lines at Kim Dong 220kV substation

Reporter: Van Tri 220kV substation supplies about 20% of electricity to Hanoi Capital. In the previous years, in the hot season, this substation always operated in full and overloaded condition. Has this problem been overcome in 2019?

Mr. Vu Son Ha: In Van Tri 220kV substation, there are 2 220kV - 250MVA transformers and 2 110kV – 63MW transformers. This substation supplies electricity for industrial parks in Dong Anh district and Noi Bai airport. In recent years, the substation has been always in full load, leading to an abnormally hot condition of equipment. We have been installing more circle bus-bar diagram on 220kV side and plan to install the third 220kV transformer at this substation.

In the immediate future, Hanoi Power Transmission has an initiative of installing a cooling system to spray into cooling fins of the transformer, thanks to that the substation will safely operate in the hot season of 2019. Currently, all the transformers in substations under the management of Hanoi Power Transmission are equipped with cooling water spray systems.

Reporter: Sir, if the electricity demand of Hanoi Capital in the hot season of 2019 grows about 20%, will Hanoi Power Transmission be able to deal with this situation?

Mr. Vu Son Ha: By the end of the first quarter of 2019, the volume of electricity transmission in Hanoi has increased about 10% compared to the same period in 2018. With a careful preparation, we are always ready to meet the highest transmission capacity requirement, even in case of growth rate of up to 20%.

Reporter: Thank you!

Hanoi Power Transmission Unit (Power Transmission Company No.1):

- Number of transmission lines: 42 lines

- Number of substations: 13 substations

- Total length of transmission lines: nearly 1000km;

- Total number of towers: 1,390;

- Volume of electricity transmission in 2018: 46.47 billion kWh.

  • 26/04/2019 04:51