Solution to automatically update and report on reservoir operation data of A Vuong Hydropower Company

A Vuong Hydropower Joint Stock Company (AVC), a member of Power Generation Corporation 2, has researched and developed software to automatically update and report on reservoir operation data to apply at A Vuong Hydropower Plant (Quang Nam Province). This is also one of the solutions to implementing the digital transformation of the Company.

Developed from March 2021 by AVC's own engineers, after only 04 months of research, testing and debugging, up to now, "the solution to automatically update and report on reservoir operation data" has been operated continuously and stably, meeting the set requirements. In the coming stormy season of 2021, the software will be "challenged" with all the features to evaluate and put into official use.

With this software, the reservoir management unit (AVC) can admin the hydropower reservoir operation information remotely via the Internet. At the same time, the software provides tools to access, extract data and send reports automatically to the competent authorities. The main function of the software is to automatically collect data from monitoring systems (upstream and downstream water levels, water inflow to the reservoir, flow for operating and discharging through the spillway, total discharge volume, etc., every hour or every 15 minutes as prescribed) and update it into the Power Management Information System (PMIS).

Operational model, components of the solution

The software will automatically calculate the parameters and export them to soft files (word, excel, pdf, etc.) to send reports following the form of each competent authority on the basis of data synchronization from the PMIS.

A Vuong Hydropower Plant

To increase convenience, AVC engineers have used web protocol to transmit, receive and store data at PMIS server and electricity market website. When there is a need to export data, users can log into the system via the internet quickly and conveniently.

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