The 80MW Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Extension Project reaches the finish line

At 8a.m. on 4 August 2021, Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company and related organizations have successfully synchronized the power unit H5 (80MW) of Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Extension Project (Lam Dong province) to the power grid.

Officials and engineers of Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company witnessed the successful synchronization of the power unit H5 of Da Nhim hydropower plant to the power grid.

Previously, in December 2018, the power unit H5 had been successfully integrated into the national power grid with a capacity of 45MW, using water from the existing Da Nhim hydropower project when the water tunnel was not completed.

With the successful grid connection of the power unit H5 at a full design capacity of 80MW, Da Nhim Hydropower Plant with a total capacity of 240MW will contribute positively to adding capacity to the national power grid during off-peak hours.

Da Nhim Hydropower Plant extension project was commenced on 12 December 2015 with a design capacity of 80MW. The total investment cost of the project is more than VND1,952 billion, invested by Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company (belonging to Power Generation Corporation No.1). According to the design, the power unit H5 will provide the national power system with an annual output of about 99 million kWh. This power source shall contribute to ensuring electricity supply for the South, reducing transmission pressure on the 500kV transmission line from the North, Central to the South; improving the safety, stability and economic efficiency of the national power system.

In order to make the most of the abundant hydraulic potential of Don Duong reservoir, Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company will continue to implement Da Nhim Hydropower Plant Extension Project - phase 2 with a capacity of 80MW, it is expected that the power unit H6 will be completed and put into operation by 2026.

  • 04/08/2021 07:56
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