The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment worked with EVN on environmental protection

On May 9, 2019 in Hanoi, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment - Mr. Tran Hong Ha and MONRE’s delegation had a meeting on environmental protection and sustainable development at Vietnam Electricity (EVN).

Minister Tran Hong Ha spoke at the meeting

Many solutions to protect the environment

During recent years, EVN has attached much importance to the realization of environment protection measures in their investment – construction, production – business activities. In particular,

In production activities, EVN's thermal power plants have been upgraded and equipped with advanced technologies such as electrostatic precipitators, dust removal filters, deSOx, deNOx systems; studies have been conducted to convert to using DO (with less emission) instead of FO, HFO in start-up phase, etc.

Ash and slag of thermal power plants, especially those in the North, has been purchased by many partners to produce cement additives or unburnt bricks. In the South, thermal power plants have been actively seeking partners for consuming ash and slag.

Every year, EVN's thermal power and hydropower plants fully and strictly execute environmental monitoring and measuring activities. Monitoring and measuring results are reported to local Departments of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE), as well as EVN, and then submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other competent authorities.

Measuring results show that in general, EVN’s member units control their emission levels and pollutant concentrations within the permitted limits of Vietnam environmental standards (QCVN).

At the meeting, EVN proposed that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment should remove a number of obstacles in the execution of the Law on Environmental Protection, the Law on Water Resources and related decrees. In particular, EVN recommended that the Ministry should recognize ash and slag as non-toxic wastes after being analyzed as per regulations, amend Decree No.38/2015/ND-CP towards removing functional requirements of recipients, transporters, handling and consuming organizations of ash and slag of thermal power plants.

EVN also suggested that the Ministry kindly request the Government to direct the planning of dredged material submerged areas, fairways for coal transportation for thermal power plants; securing the production and business efficiency of the plant as designed.

Application of advanced technology should be promoted

The Minister stressed on the need to maintain regular professional exchanges between EVN and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, set up a supervision mechanism to promptly remove difficulties and obstacles.

Minister Tran Hong Ha demanded that EVN needs to promote the application of advanced technology such as ultra-supercritical coal power, selecting optimal technologies for dust filtering, desulfurization with limestone, further improving the quality of environmental monitoring equipment, etc.

In order to satisfactorily perform environmental protection activities at thermal power plants, EVN should take the initiative in seeking purchasers and consumers of ash and slag; and focus on solid waste treatment. In particular, slag of good quality is considered a source of raw materials for production of construction materials, leveling materials. As for slag with unburnt coal content, further treatment process is necessitated before use.

Regarding inter-reservoir operation procedure, to optimize the use of water for hydropower and for other purposes, to regulate reservoirs effectively and safely during the flood season, Minister Tran Hong Ha agreed with EVN’s recommendations on considering real-time reservoir regulation options in flood season, etc.

  • 09/05/2019 04:20